How Do Shatterproof Bulbs Work?

How Do Shatterproof Bulbs Work?

We all want the best return on our investment when it comes to lighting. While lamps of all types are known to burn out at the end of their life, shattering before their usage is done can also be a concern that impacts the cost of lighting. This is where shatterproof bulbs come in. How do shatterproof bulbs work? Are they really worth the investment? Let’s take a closer look at this matter in more detail.

Shatterproof bulbs are designed in a way that makes them resistant to shattering either by way of impact or internal pressures. This is where the confusion usually comes in with shatterproof bulbs. While shatterproof bulbs are designed to avoid shattering, they are not indestructible against breaking. The way these bulbs work is that they are coated in a special liquid, and when the bulb does break, the liquid holds the shattered pieces in place, so they don’t go flying and become broken glass pieces. So, shatterproof bulbs do break, but they do not send shards of glass down in the way down non-shatterproof bulbs do. While they do break, they are designed to last considerably longer than non-shatterproof options.

There are several reasons to choose this type of bulb. These bulbs are routinely utilized in certain professional settings such as commercial kitchens over food prep areas, daycare centers, hospitals, and many other locations where a bulb shattering could be a serious matter. While they are most commonly seen in these locations, this is not to say you can’t utilize them elsewhere. In fact, if you have small children or pets at home, shatterproof bulbs are a great way to reduce accidents from broken glass. While they are used in commercial kitchens, it isn’t to say you can’t employ them in your residential kitchen. Shatterproof bulbs have a lot of great applications because they are so well designed and help to reduce accidents. They are also longer lasting because they are more durable than non-shatterproof bulbs, so you will save money in the long run by switching to this type.

There is another great benefit of shatterproof bulbs. Since they are coated with a thicker coating than other bulb options, they tend to run quieter. If the sound of a rattling light fixture tends to bother you, consider shatterproof bulbs to help lessen the noise factor.

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