ProBuilt Wobblelight LED Work Light

ProBuilt Wobblelight LED Work Light

Product Review

The world of lighting is constantly introducing new innovations. When it comes to leading the way in exciting new designs built with the best of function at their core, ProBuilt knows a thing or two about innovation. They focus on creating durable lighting solutions intended for rugged locations. With their new ProBuilt Wobblelight LED work light, they are introducing a new light perfect for construction sites, mechanic shops, and other locations in need of long-lasting lighting. Let’s take a more detailed look at this lighting solution.

What Is It?

It is a portable job site light using the latest in LED technology. This dependable light is ideal for lighting on the go when you need high-power illumination without sacrificing on mobility.

What Are the Features?

What sets this product apart from other portable light sources is the self-righting technology. If you are working and someone knocks into the light by accident, it won’t fall over and shatter. It will simply rock back and forth and then stabilize again. Another great feature about this option is that as opposed to other portable lights it offers complete illumination with 360-degree output. The LED technology means the light won’t get hot the way other bulbs will after long hours of continuous use for long work hours. LEDs are also known to offer the highest average life rating of any light solution for an added value. The housing is made of durable materials that are still lightweight enough to make moving the light from one place to the next a breeze. The height of 36 inches ensures light will fall across a wide scope of illumination for up to 35 feet. Designed to be as practical as possible in all regards, the Wobblelight can also be interlinked with other units for larger jobs in need of superior illumination.

Other Options

ProBuilt also introduced this design with metal halide lights that offer the same durability, brightness, and performance. These lights in the metal halide option offer illumination up to 110 feet, but the bulbs burn hotter than LED and are less energy efficient. If you are looking for a portable work lamp with an innovative design and the longevity of LED, opt for the ProBuilt Wobblelight LED version.

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