T5HO vs T8 vs T12 Lamp Comparison

T5HO vs T8 vs T12 Lamp Comparison

Common Questions & Answers


T5 Bulbs

T8 Bulbs

T12 Bulbs

What does the alpha numeric code for each bulb mean? (What does T5 mean?)

5/8 of an Inch

8/8 of an Inch

12/8 of an Inch

The letter “T” stands for “tubular” and the number indicates the diameter of a bulb.

How does the diameter of bulb affect light output?

Highest Efficiency

High Efficiency

Old and Inefficient

Energy efficiency

How do you measure efficiency?

CRI (Colour Rendering Index): indicates quality of light

85 CRI

85 CRI

62 CRI

LPW (Lumens per Watt): indicates quantity of light measured

103 LPW

92 LPW

78 LPW

CU (Co-efficiency of utilization) example comparison

.90 CU

.76 CU

.46 CU

T5’s seem to have the highest efficiency does that translate to cost saving?

Not necessarily. Most T5’s are only 9% more efficient than T8’s which translates to nominal cost savings over time.


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