Eco-friendly Office Lighting Options

Eco-friendly Office Lighting Options

When it comes to setting up the lighting scheme for an office, there are many factors to keep in mind. Aside from factors like cost, style, and output, another area to consider would be the environmental aspect of the lighting solutions you are considering for your space. Here are a few reasons why you may want to find an environmentally friendly option for your office.

Benefits of Eco-friendly Office Lighting Options

• The biggest benefit is that they are better for the environment in terms of energy consumed and materials used. For example, eco-friendly office lighting options tend to be free from harmful elements such as mercury which may be present in other lighting products.

• They consume less energy. This will help not only the environment but also your utility costs.

• Eco-friendly lights tend to operate at cooler temperatures so they won’t make a space too hot or produce too much heat which will burn up your driver.

• This type of light tends to be incredibly long lasting which only adds to the value of the solution.

What Are the Options?

• The most obvious answer would be LED lights. This type of lighting is known to offer high lumen outputs with lower energy consumption than other moles all while creating little to no heat. While compact fluorescents (CFL’s) may be more affordable than LED lights, the initial amount spent to install LEDs will be returned in the sheer longevity of the light when compared to CFL. If you aren’t willing to make the switch to LED, opt for fluorescent over incandescent since they use less energy overall.

• Eco-friendly LED lighting now comes in more options than ever before to accommodate a range of applications, spaces, and preferences. You can find LED lights in tubes, bulbs, rope lighting, recessed options, and more.

• Another way to make office lighting eco-friendlier is by adding accessories to your new or existing light fixtures. For instance, an occupancy sensor or timer is a great way to only use energy when lighting is necessary. You can also install reflectors to help distribute the illumination more evenly.

When looking for environmentally friendly lighting, it is a simple matter. Choose lighting that offers the most output with the lowest energy consumption for the best result.