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Electrical Outlets & Receptacles 

Electrical outlets require the right tools and components to ensure safe and fully operational results. Most commonly purchased in the 120V and 277V connectivity, it is a necessity when connecting light fixtures and electrical features. For the home circuit with a 120V outlet, the circuit must include ground wires up to code. For your next home improvement project including the install of light fixtures, determine the correct receptacle output in alignment with your lighting needs. 

Hospital Grade Outlets

Hospital Grade Receptacles are required to comply with the Standard for Safety for the Attachment of Plugs and Receptacles. Our hospital grade receptacles incorporate high performance and risk control features including durability, reliable grounding and integrity in assembly.

Duplex Outlets

Our 2 duplex receptacles allow the use of up to 4 large outlets in a single electrical box. It is a safer alternative where high electrical traffic is in operation at a standard outlet. Our duplex receptacles are ideal for the home and office.

USB Duplex Outlets

The advanced USB Duplex Receptacles offer an efficient and powerful in-wall charging slot for USB devices Keep your smartphone, tablet and electronics fully operational with a Warehouse Lighting USB Duplex Receptacle.

Single Outlets

Our single receptacles are heavy duty, industrial grade and self-grounded. The 240V standard outlet is reliable and durable.

Decorative Duplex Outlets

Take advantage of our diverse and flexible decorative duplex receptacles. We offer a wide range of receptacle colors to complement any interior theme.

Decorative Tamper Resistant Commercial Grade Duplex Receptacles

Our secure and self grounded tamper resistant commercial grade receptacles offer a clean and smooth finish with concealed terminal screws and ease of installation. Perfect for residential and commercial application!

Commercial Duplex Outlets

Our commercial grade duplex receptacles are designed to handle high impact and heavy-duty usage. It is rust-proof and ideal for high electrical traffic output.

Isolated Ground Decorative Duplex Outlets

Our isolated ground decorative duplex receptacles are ideal for the office and home environment. The grounded receptacle reduces electrical current noises for seamless and quiet operation. Available in various colors, select a receptacle to match your interior space.

Tamper Resistant Duplex Outlets

Our tamper resistant receptacles improve the safety points of your electrical outlets. Tamper resistance prevents foreign objects being inserted into the outlet.

Tamper & Weather Resistant Duplex Outlets

Our tamper resistant features protect against the insertion of foreign objects into the receptacle. Weather proofing offers a completely sealed unit resistant to the elements. A great addition for commercial and industrial applications!

Industrial Grade Decorative Duplex Outlets

Our industrial-grade duple receptacles are designed to withstand the heavy-duty operations that occur in commercial and in industrial environments with safety and efficacy.

GCFI Outlets

Protect against electrical shocks in the home, owing to faults within a connected, electrical device. Our GCFI outlets are designed with life saving features including the continuous assessment of electricity running through the residential circuit.

Receptacle Wall Plates

Add aesthetic quality to your receptacles with wall plates that are decorative and available in a range of colors.

About Electrical Outlets

Electrical outlets are marked according to its operation including electrical outlets for the residence, commercial and industrial industry. Industrial receptacles are more robust and a better quality than residential, although it comes at a higher cost. When purchasing a receptacle, ensure that it is the correct choice of outlet for the select appliance.

The safe operation of a receptacle requires the correct connection to the line terminals. The conventional receptacle includes a half round hole that receives the ground plug. It is from here that a contact will lead from this hole to the ground circuit of the house, represented by the green wire. This ensures all electrical operations are protected as soon as a light is turned on or appliance plugged into the socket.

Before connecting a receptacle, it is important to determine whether the wires are grounded. In the power off position, ensure that the receptacle has 3 terminal points of different colors. The brass screws are connected to the black wire or hot wires, the silver screws are connected to the neutral wires or white wires and the green screw is connected to the ground wires. Using a wiring diagram can assist in getting your receptacle connected. When looking at the green screw of the receptacle terminal, it should be connected to a metal box or electrical box. If you cannot find this connection, it is important to consult with an electrician to provide the proper grounding for your electrical outlets. When you wish to wire an outlet, connect the black wire to the electrical outlet you want on. This will be found on the top of the outlet.

For safety requirements, the ground fault circuit-interrupter or the GFCI will act quickly should a ground fault occur. It aims to assess the amount of current moving through the circuit conductors.

For all your receptacle requirements, it is important that the correct wiring, outlets and components are incorporated. At Warehouse Lighting, we stock all types of components to ensure your electricity and receptacle installation continues to operate smoothly and safely. In the installation of various types of lighting fixtures, the correct connections will ensure that your lights continue to operate the way it should without fail. For LED lighting and appliances in the home, trust the installation of the correct electrical outlets to ensure that all fixtures continue to operate safely and seamlessly. For electrical solutions you can trust, contact us. We will assist with the latest technologies and outputs depending on your specific operational requirements.