Barn Lighting

Barn Lighting

Every location has its own unique needs in terms of lighting. For barn lighting applications, this is especially true since there are live animals involved. This area needs lighting that is effective, efficient, and most importantly, safe for all involved. Here are a few tips for finding the best barn lighting applications for your location.

  • Use natural light as much as possible. Natural light is a great way to cut down on energy costs. If you can install or utilize existing skylights or windows in the barn for sources of natural light, the less artificial lighting you will need to properly illuminate the area. You should also try to mimic natural light as much as possible in terms of color rendering since it will be easier on your eyes, especially when adjusting to going from inside to outside repeatedly.
  • Choose a low-heat fixture. For areas that are in close proximity to livestock, heat should be considered. Some fixtures will have high outputs of heat during operation that can make the temperatures in the barn warmer. With an option such as a low temperature LED solution, you can eliminate this concern altogether. In fact, incandescent lights overheating can be a leading cause of barn fires when used with an old or improperly installed fixture. LED offers better peace of mind in this area.
  • Mix and match your lighting solutions. A barn, whether a small building or a much larger operation, requires different types of lighting. It is not one light fits all. For example, the aisles and entry points should have brighter lighting whereas the stalls can have lower level lighting. You can also experiment with light that varies in terms of direction such as fixtures that offer more uplight than downlight to create softer lighting.
  • Consider the animals. This is a big factor for any location that has animals, but horses can be sensitive to lighting. It is recommended in the equestrian circles to use softer lighting in the areas where the animal will sleep whereas you can employ brighter lighting in grooming or care areas for better visibility.
  • Install timers for when the barn is not in use. Animals will sleep with lights on because they aren’t affected by light the way humans are, but you can save yourself money by shutting off non-essential lights at night. Consider installing occupancy sensors in areas such as entryways or aisles, as well as timers to shut off or dim the stall lighting during certain hours. This will help cut down on energy costs drastically.
  • A barn needs reliable lighting just like any other location. With these tips in mind, finding the right barn lighting is easy.
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