Light Bulbs & LED Lamps

Some of the older forms of lamps include halogen lamps and incandescent lamps. Halogen lamps feature a tungsten filament that is enclosed within a tiny quartz casing. This filament has a long lifespan, which makes this lighting option popular for industrial and commercial use. An incandescent lamp is common in household and commercial settings and is often favored for its bright, long-lasting light. While these lights are popular and considered traditional, they’re not nearly as efficient as more modern forms of lamps such as LED light bulbs.

Traditional light bulbs include things like LED lamps. LED lamps use approximately 50% of the energy of regular lamps and are rated to last approximately 80,000 hours before they warrant a replacement. Although LED lamps are more expensive than their outdated counterparts, they are well worth the investment for companies that are serious about installing more energy-efficient and long-lasting illumination solutions.

If none of these solutions appeal to you, you can also choose from our wide selection of fluorescent, halogen, mercury vapor, high-pressure sodium, pulse start metal halide, induction, circline, biax, and MR16 lamp options. Each of these offers a unique set of benefits and drawbacks, so it’s wise to contact the illumination specialists at Warehouse-Lighting to determine which light bulbs are right for you.

No matter what you need for your commercial, residential, or warehouse setting, we carry something that’s sure to work for you. Simply contact our sales representatives during business hours for more information about our near-infinite options and to learn which ones may benefit you and your unique setting. Whether you need only a few lamps or enough to outfit a huge building, we offer a selection that is sure to provide for what you need. Contact us today to learn more and to begin your shopping experience. Remember – we ship quickly and save you money over retail cost.