Music Studio Lighting

Music Studio Lighting

Every location has its own unique lighting needs. When choosing the right lighting solutions for a music studio, there are special considerations to keep in mind. Here are a few tips for music studio lighting to help you master this unique space.

1. Choose LED fixtures

While LED can benefit any location, it is especially useful in music studio lighting. LED offers a no heat operation which is ideal for smaller spaces such as recording booths where space is limited, and comfort is paramount. LED is also incredibly efficient in terms of lumens produced for the wattages consumed to help save on lighting costs. The lamps also last up to 4 times longer than other solutions which can help cut down on maintenance fees and replacement lamp costs which is important whether you are a newer studio or a more established studio.

2. Mix and match fixture types

With LED fixtures, there are several great options available in terms of fixture style. While you may choose 4-foot troffers overhead for the control room to provide ample lighting, you can also use gentler wall sconces and can lights in the control booths to create a softer lighting vibe. There is no rule that you should have all the same fixture types throughout the entirety of the space. In fact, it’s better to mix and match based on area to help create a more layered lighting layout.

3. Play with color

When it comes to music studio lighting, it should be functional in terms of visibility yet exciting enough to help encourage creativity. A great way to play up the creative aspect is with a few well-placed colored lights. Since LED offers the ability to play with a range of colors, from red to purple, adding a highly efficient yet decorative light to the space is easier than ever. These lights are not usually meant for general lighting or visibility needs, but can work well placed on walls, along walkways or hallways, and other areas when used correctly throughout the space.

4. Pay attention to directional light spread

The way light falls when cast form a fixture should be a top concern for any location, but especially a music studio. From the need to read sheet music for the musicians to the glare of a light source directly hitting an instrument, there are unique reasons to pay attention to where light falls. An easy way to remedy this is to use fixtures with mostly downlight or added diffusers to reduce glares. You can also use directional track lighting and make sure it’s aimed so the light falls on a wall at a higher up point so that the glare is minimized.

5. Add dimmers and other controls

Since a music studio is a place where different people come and go, and different people have different lighting preferences, adding a few useful controls is a smart move. The lighting should be set up in such a way that there are individual on/off controls in the booths so people can make adjustments as needed during their time in the studio. Adding dimmers is another great way to add to the versatility of the lighting plan. Dimmers allow individuals to adjust to more light for reading purposes and dimmer lights for times when they want to create a relaxing mood for their creative process in the sound booth.

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