Restaurant Lighting

Restaurant Lighting

Lighting any location requires a few tips and insights. When it comes to restaurant lighting applications, there are a few things you need to know before you get started. While there is a lot of information regarding restaurant lighting applications, here are a few basics to get your lighting search underway.

  • Invest in adjustable lighting options. Regardless of the type of lighting you choose, the ability to raise or lower lighting as needed is an important aspect for this setting. For example, breakfast needs the highest levels of lighting to create an atmosphere perfect for getting energized and starting the day. Lunch requires bright lighting, but not necessarily as bright as breakfast, so you can lower it slightly. Dinner is when you will want to lower the lights even more to create that relaxing ambiance most diners prefer at the end of another long day.
  • Choose lighting on function, not appearance. Many business owners make the mistake of choosing lighting based on whether or not it matches with their decor. While this is an important element, the overall function is more important. It is better to find a lighting solution that offers powerful lumen output with reduced energy consumption than to find an option that looks great on the outside with little else to offer.
  • Remember, lighting should be designed for the customer. Customers appreciate lighting that provides ample illumination without being overbearing or adding to eye strain. Even in restaurants that employ a less vibrant lighting output to rate atmosphere, certain areas should have higher levels of lighting. For instance, if you choose to forgo bright overhead lights for more ambiance, make sure there will be small, task style lighting placed on the tables that will illuminate the area where the plate sits during the meal.
  • Invest in timers. While certain lighting options, such as LED lights, will help save your business money on utilities, the most effective way to cut down on these costs is still with the use of timers. Timers are perfect for restaurants that change their lighting levels throughout the course of a business day, as well as ensuring they are shut off during inactive or closed hours.

Finding the right lighting for your restaurant doesn’t have to be a hassle. With these ideas to help you along, find the right solution in no time!

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