5 Tips for High Bay Light Shopping

5 Tips for High Bay Light Shopping

Finding the right lighting solutions for your unique location can be a daunting task, especially if you have what is considered a high ceiling. A high ceiling requires lighting solutions made for the unique height to help achieve a powerful and even illumination. Here are the top 5 tips for high bay light shopping to make sure you get the right solution for your location.

1. Check the ceiling height

The most important of the 5 tips for high bay light shopping is to check the ceiling height in your space. For a ceiling to be considered high enough to require high bay lighting, it should be at least 16 feet or higher from the floor. If your ceiling is under the 16 feet mark, you can use regular light fixtures rather than high bay lights.

2. Check the fixture type

Once you have the ceiling height measured and know for a fact that your location needs high bay lighting, you are ready to shop. When shopping for high bay fixtures, you need to check that the fixture is specified as high bay. If you install a regular fixture in the ceiling because you think the lumen count will be enough for the space, you will be disappointed. A high bay fixture is designed in certain ways, such as the high lumen output, reflectors to ensure downlight cast to the floor, and other special considerations, which makes it the only suitable choice for higher ceilings.

3. Consider the lumen output

The lumen output is how bright the fixture is and matters even more with high bay fixtures. If you have higher lumens, you have a brighter light for the space. Since the fixture will be placed so high, you need a higher lumen to ensure proper illumination reaches the floor. The needs in terms of lumen output will depend on your space but high bay is certainly the brighter choice for higher ceilings in need of powerful illumination.

4. Look at different fixture types based on the space

While high bay fixtures were once limited in their design options, the world of modern lighting has expanded quite a bit. High bay is now available in a range of fixture types such as recessed troffers, mounted explosion proof options, recessed dome, and more. You should carefully consider the different types when choosing the right outcome and look for your location.

5. Opt for LED if possible

There are lots of good reasons to choose LED fixtures over other high bay options on the market. For starters, LED offers some of the highest lumen outputs with the lowest watts of energy consumed. This means you get a powerful, bright lighting solution without spending a ton on utilities. LED also offers more options on important matters such as color temperature and color rendering indexes.

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