Breakdown of Explosion Proof Lighting

Breakdown of Explosion Proof Lighting

There are a lot of different types of lighting on the market today. When it comes to the matter of explosion proof lighting, many people are confused by what it means and where it's an applicable choice. Let's take a closer look with our breakdown of explosion proof lighting.

The first thing in our breakdown of explosion proof lighting is to understand what it is based on construction. Explosion proof lighting is a light fixture capable of withstanding an explosion in areas that are hazardous, such as manufacturing plants or laboratories, without the fixture breaking, shattering, or being otherwise compromised. Certain fixtures of this nature are also able to contain the explosion from even spreading into the environment surrounding the fixture. This type of lighting is ideal for areas where vapors, gases, heat, or other flammable materials are present to help reduce the likelihood of a total loss of your light fixtures in the event of an accident, and they also ensure glass from the fixture won't go flying in the event of an explosion which only adds to the danger of the situation.

A lot of people confuse explosion proof and shatter resistant fixtures as being one in the same, but they are two different lighting solutions. Shatterproof lighting means the fixture is made with a shatter resistant lens or bulb to stop the fixture from exploding and sending glass everywhere. These are commonly seen in places with high heat but free from gasses such as commercial kitchens. An explosion proof fixture is for areas where hazardous gasses and flammable materials are present, and explosions are a real concern.

Explosion Proof Lighting Construction

  • Durable casing with tempered glass lenses. They are indestructible and will not break in the event of an explosion.
  • Advanced thermal control mechanisms in select fixture designs. These mechanisms actively and passively dissipate any heat that might build up in the fixture. If you opt for LED, this is less of an issue since LED naturally creates a no heat fixture thanks to the efficiency of its operation. Many fixtures will also employ elements such as copper free housings and double folded aluminum fins to help enhance the explosion-proof nature of the fixture in regard to heat.
  • Exceptional integrity against potential ignition sources. They have tight seals to help keep out flammable substances such as vapors, dust, and fibers in the atmospheres. While the seal isn't always airtight, the integrity of the fixture is still intact to prevent compromising the fixture.
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