Business Lighting Maintenance Tips

Business Lighting Maintenance Tips

Every business requires general upkeep to keep everything in good shape. When it comes to the lighting system, there is more to maintenance than simply changing a bad bulb. Here are the top things to look at for commercial lighting maintenance to ensure a well-maintained and properly working system.

1. Check bulbs

This is the most obvious and important part of maintaining your commercial lighting. If you have bulbs that are burnt out, loose, or only some of the lamps are working in a multi lamp fixture, this should be the first thing to fix. This will not only give the lighting layout the intended brightness and visibility originally required, it will show you if there are ballast, wiring, electrical, or just overall fixture failure problems you need to address.

2. Use the right replacement lamps

Make sure you replace any old lamps with the right lamp for the fixture. For example, while almost any fixture can be retrofitted to use LED lamps for better efficiency and performance, you can’t just plug in LED lamps to the fixture unless you have retrofitted the fixture first for compatibility. Aside from the actual lamp type, you should make sure the lamp is right for the fixture in terms of the pins, connectors, or the base. This is an important part of commercial lighting maintenance and you should annually check all the bulbs to make sure they are right, whether you are replacing an old lamp or not.

3. Annually clean fixtures

A dirty fixture is bad for business for a few reasons. For starters, dirty fixtures can give customers the wrong impression of your business. Dirty fixtures are also prone to issues and total failure when left to their own devices to gather dust, dirt, and grime. You should annually clean your commercial fixtures to make sure you don’t run into any of these problems. Make sure you wipe down lenses and diffusers and clean any exterior elements of the housing to avoid any issues. You can also use a dust cloth to wipe inside the fixture.

4. Check performance characteristics

Performance aspects should be checked every year as part of commercial lighting maintenance. This means checking any and all ballasts, drivers, or transformers to make sure there are no problems. If there are any issues, now is the time to remedy them with replacements.

5. Check dimming pre-sets annually

Most dimmers use a preset factor. This preset should be checked annually to make sure the fixture is performing the way you want it to for the needs of the space.

6. Repair or replace any broken aspects

If you have fixtures with broken lenses or damaged housing, the annual maintenance checkup is the perfect time to take action. Make a note of any damage so you can order the necessary replacements for repairs.