Doctor Office Lighting Tips

Doctor Office Lighting Tips

Lighting is an important element of any location. It aids in visibility for essential tasks, as well as helps to create a sense of ambiance. When it comes to doctor’s office lighting, there are a few tips to help make this area more inviting to your patients. Here are a few tried and true tips for mastering doctor’s office lighting.

1. Choose neutral color temperatures

The color temperature is important in any location, but especially so in a doctor’s office. If you choose a warm tone that is too yellow, your office will appear dingy and uninviting. If you go too cool, your lighting will be harsh and make patients uneasy. The key is to avoid any extremes in the matter of color temperature. The general rule of thumb is to aim for around 3500K for a warmer vibe and around 4000K for more of a modern option.

2. Position light correctly

You also need to be wary of how you position the lighting solutions. If a fixture is placed below eye level, it will cause an unpleasant glare or distraction. Overhead lighting is always a good choice for this type of location since it provides even light disbursement in a streamlined style. Of course, feel free to incorporate different lighting mounts in your office such as wall mounted sconces for accent lighting or suspended lights over the reception area.

3. Install diffusers

A diffuser is a great way to still get the right color temperature and tone without the lighting being overpowering or causing discomfort. A diffuser is a filtered lens which can be placed over the lamps to create a gentle light beam.

4. Use different lights in different areas

Of course, the lighting should change from area to area. For the waiting room, you want warmer temperatures with lower lumens for the relaxation of patients whereas the examination rooms need cooler temperatures with higher lumen outputs for better visibility. Feel free to mix and match your fixture styles, mounts, and other specifications to get the right balance for your practice.

5. Choose LED for better efficiency

When looking for an option that is guaranteed to outlast and outperform fluorescent, LED is the main go-to application. It offers higher lumen output for lower wattage consumption, low heat emissions, even color tones, and consistent lighting free of flickering. It also lasts considerably longer than compact fluorescent for added savings.

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