Baselite 4-Light Stem Mount (PS4E1 Series)

Baselite 4-Light Stem Mount (PS4E1 Series)

Product Review

There is no denying the importance of lighting. It can help set a mood or create atmosphere. It can be used for safety needs to increase visibility. With the use of gooseneck lighting, you can get both safety and style! Baselite Corporation has introduced a lighting fixture that is innovative in style, but still reliable in performance.

What is it?

The PS4E1 Series from Baselite is a fixture with extended arms to help distribute illumination to a widespread space. It is a commercial fixture perfect for an array of settings such as retail location, restaurants, and more.

What are the features?

The first obvious characteristic of this lighting solution is the visual appeal. The design is made with a modern style with curved arms. The look is rustic with an edge of industrial appeal. Aside from the appearance, the lighting fixture is made to be high-performing. With a maximum wattage of four bulbs operating at 100W incandescent, this UL listed fixture is made with durable aluminum that has been coated with a lead-free TGI C polyester powder coat finish for added protection. This detail means the fixture will retain the visual appeal without taking on scratches or dents caused by accidental impacts. While it can be mounted in a suspended style, it is a versatile option that comes in other mounting options. It is also available in multiple lamping options to fit the needs of your individual location. When it comes to installation, they are easy to implement in most ceilings or locations. While the stem is a standard 3/4” diameter, the stem length can be custom ordered for a more personalized fixture. The fixture is made with cast guards over the bulbs for added protection against breakage. Available in several finishes to help you get the right look for your location, these fixtures are made in the US.

Final Thoughts

This is a fixture that blends the appeal of visual style with performance. When you need a lighting solution that meets all your needs, this is a solid choice.

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