Reasons to Use LED in Public Libraries

Reasons to Use LED in Public Libraries

A library is a doorway into new worlds. Whether a young reader just starting out or a college student cramming for finals, the library is a place where the right lighting can help someone learn and grow. Here are a few reasons to use LED in public libraries to benefit patrons and staff alike.

1. LED is energy efficient and bright

One of the biggest reasons to use LED in public libraries is because of the energy efficiency. LEDs create the highest lumen outputs for a bright clean light while also operating lower wattages which consume less energy. This is important because it gives you the bright light you need without eating up the budget. LED is also long lasting thanks to its efficiency. Lights with lower efficiency operation tend to burn up faster because of heat loss, but LED can last for up to 50,000 hours of illumination in some cases because it converts all energy to illumination with no heat loss.

2. LED offers better color rendering and color temperature

Another benefit of LED for a public library is related to the overall diversity of specs found in this solution. For example, LED offers the highest color rendering indexes on the market which is important because it helps the eyes to tell the difference between colors. It also comes in a wider range of color temperatures in terms of cool or warm. A library is a careful balance of reading books and working on screens, so the lighting should do all it can to eliminate eye strain, and these two areas of lighting benefit greatly from LED over other options.

3. The illumination is high quality

One of the less obvious but still important reasons to use LED in public libraries is because of the overall quality of the illumination produced. While other fixtures are prone to flickering or loss of full illumination when lamps reach a certain point in their life span, LED offers consistent illumination free from disturbances or flickers. LED fixtures can also have diffusers which help to make the light even easier on the eyes and remove some of the harshness of brighter fixtures.

4. LEDs are available in a variety of fixture types

As a leading choice on today’s lighting market, LEDs are now available in just about every imaginable fixture type, so you can get the right solution for your location. From overhead troffer tubes to wall sconces for ambiance and even high bays for libraries with higher ceilings, there is an LED fixture for every space and preference.

5. Older fixtures can be changed to LED

For the library looking to upgrade their lighting to something more efficient and pleasing to the eye, LED retrofit kits give you all the benefits of LED without buying all-new fixtures. This is a great way to experience the powers of LED a little at a time when on a budget by renovating just a few fixtures at a time.