ProBuilt Hanging LED String Light

ProBuilt Hanging LED String Light

Product Review

When it comes to rough and rugged locations in need of lighting, there are a lot of requirements for the lighting solution you choose. It needs to be durable enough to withstand the given environment, bright and powerful enough to provide adequate illumination, and easy to use. One company always striving to make lighting more effective is ProBuilt. With the introduction of their ProBuilt LED temporary area handing string light options, temporary lighting has never been a better solution.

What Is It?

The ProBuilt LED temporary area hanging string light is a high-output lighting solution perfect for a range of situations and locations. It is fully portable and goes where you need it.

What Are the Features?

Capable of producing up to 50 feet of illumination, they are built with power and efficiency at the core of their design. Available in various lumen outputs and cord lengths, this lighting solution comes with multiple sockets with up to 16 watts per socket. Each cord features 5 bulbs that are evenly spaced 10 inches apart for an evenly distributed scope of illumination. This lighting solution is built to be durable without adding bulk so it utilizes plastic as opposed to heavier materials. Each bulb features a plastic protection cage to keep the bulb safe even in rugged environments. However, ProBuilt also features this product with metal cages complete with bottom guards for those times when you need slightly more protection. The bulb itself is made of high-quality polycarbonate that is reliable and strong. These lights offer the best of lightweight transport and ease of use coupled with the incomparable LED lighting aspect. LED lights are known for their incredible longevity in terms of expected life with an average rated life of 30,000. They are also energy efficient and operate without a heat output. This lighting solution can be plugged in for hours of continuous use without worry thanks to the way LED’s operate. In terms of the light output of a LED, this product offers up to 6,000 lumens for powerfully bright illumination you can depend on when you need it most.

Other Options

While there are other hanging lights on the market, most use fluorescent or HID bulbs. LED has been proven to be more energy efficient and burn at cooler temperatures than any other light source. If you are looking for a LED option, this is a solid choice from a trusted brand name.

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