T8 LED Plug And Play Lamps

T8 LED Plug And Play Lamps

When it comes to lighting, there are many options available and many influencing factors playing a role in your decision. While the main focus sometimes is to find a lighting solution that is the cheapest solution, there are other times when the major factor will be the amount of illumination or the efficiency capabilities. Still, other times you will simply be in search of the option that is the easiest and fastest to install. With T8 plug and play lamps, you get it all. They are easy to install, offer great lumen output, and are a relatively affordable solution compared to other options on the market.

What Are Plug and Play?

Plug and play lamps are exactly what they sound like. They are lamps you can simply install into an existing fixture without needing to reconfigure any electrical components. You simply remove the old, expired lamps and put the new T8 plug and play LED lamps in their place.

What Are the Features?

There are many features and benefits to choosing T8 plug and play lamps. First of all, they allow you to replace older, outdated bulbs with the incomparable performance of LED technology. There is no need to remove the ballast when installing which makes them a really simple fix and easy to install. LED lights are known to last longer, have higher lumen outputs, and burn at cooler terms, all while using less energy consumption in the process. In fact, they pull an average of 22 watts each so they are incredibly efficient. The exceptional energy consumption levels are matched only by the incredible output they offer. The lumen output ranges from 2200 lumens to 6500 lumens, depending on the option you choose. They are DLC listed and rebate compatible so they are a great value and worth the money spent. When looking for a high-performing lighting solution to switch to LED without a lot of hassle, these plug and play lamps are a great option.

For more information and a demonstration of how to install them, check out our video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PkcsNZtem48