User-Friendly Lighting Apps

User-Friendly Lighting Apps

We all use our smartphones more than ever with the growing number of unique apps on the market. When it comes to finding the best user-friendly lighting apps to help with managing this aspect of your home, we have narrowed it down to the top 4 you need to know.

1. Lux Light Meter Pro

When trying to figure out lumens per square foot or an array of lux related matters, this app lets you have the answers right in the palm of your hand. You can easily measure light intensity in a space, calculate the appropriate suggested lumens for the measurement of the area, see if your workspace needs more lighting for visibility, and more. Best of all, this is one of the more user-friendly lighting apps since you only need to put in the calculations and let the app do the rest of the work.

2. Philips Hue

This is one of the most popular apps for lighting thanks to the impressive versatility in operational features. Made to allow for total control over aspects such as contrast, tone, and even the color of the light, this app lets you control every Philips bulb in your house from your phone. While you do have to use Philips Hue lamps in order for the system to be effective, there is a lot of versatility in the outcome. Whether looking to change bulb colors for the holidays or create a warmer one for small, intimate get-togethers, this app lets you set the mood with these innovative bulbs all from your phone.

3. Control 4 My Home

While this app can be used for a range of home elements, such as the security system and electronics, it is especially helpful for controlling the lights in the house. If you are out at dinner and forgot to leave a light on, you can easily turn on the lights in the house on the way home to avoid walking into a dark house. You can also use the app to adjust dimmable lights without getting up or turn or the security lights after you get into bed for the night. The convenience of being able to control all of the lights from anywhere is a great bonus that makes this a top pick for lighting apps.

4. Wemo

While this one isn’t strictly for lighting, it can be used to control lighting by way of setting timers. You simply install one of the sensors in the outlet and any device, such as lamps, can be turned off and on or set to timers you control from the convenience of your phone. For example, if you know you stay out late on a designated night of the week, you can set the app to turn on lamps right before you get home that night.

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