Using Lighting as Security for Buildings

Using Lighting as Security for Buildings

When it comes to your business or home, the matter of lighting is an important one for many reasons. One of the many reasons lighting is important is because it can help deter criminals from breaking in while helping to create a safe level of visibility to avoid trips or falls. Whether looking for ways to add extra lighting to your home or your business, these tips for using lighting as security for buildings are sure to help.

1. Choose the right color temperature
The matter of using lighting as security for buildings is a matter of perception in terms of certain elements. With the color temperature, many people perceive a whiter light to be safer and more of a deterrent for crime compared to yellow lights. This means you will want to choose a lighting solution on the cooler side of the Kelvin scale to create that white appearance.


2. Choose outdoor rated solutions
It should come as no surprise to say that not all lights are created for the same application or areas. For example, outdoor lights are given special consideration on matters of construction, gasket seal, and overall durability over indoor solutions because they need to be able to withstand the elements of wind, rain, sun, and heat. Check any outdoor lighting for ratings of damp or wet to ensure you get a solution rated for the environment. A great option for outdoor lighting is vapor tight because it ensures a fixture of incredible durability. Another great choice is vandal proof lighting because it means no one will be able to tamper with the fixture in any way.

3. Consider the light spread
Whether using lighting as security for buildings of a professional nature or a home, the matter of light spread and where the beam falls should always be the main consideration. You want the light spread to fall on key areas of your business such as doors and windows to avoid any shady activity being done in those key areas, but when it is a home, the light shouldn’t shine directly into windows since they can be a distraction at night when sleeping. When installing lights, always check where the light spread will fall.

4. Have a plan for the entire property
Lighting for security purposes shouldn’t be directed just in a few key spots like doors and windows. A safely lit location has an all-encompassing plan which creates a well-lit area overall. From walkway lights to directional floodlights, there are a lot of ways to ensure a total lighting effect for your location.

5. Think outside the box
There are a lot of ways to light a building. From step lights placed on the side of buildings around the bottom perimeter to rope lighting secured along the edge of the house in areas that are harder to light, there are plenty of solutions for this need so you can ensure a safe feeling anywhere!

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