Ways to Reduce Energy Costs in Winter for Commercial Buildings

Ways to Reduce Energy Costs in Winter for Commercial Buildings

Winter can be a challenging time of year thanks to the weather. While the rising cost of heating can take a toll on your bottom line, there are still a few ways to reduce energy costs in winter.

1. Install occupancy sensors and timers

One of the easiest ways to reduce energy costs in winter is to make sure you aren't wasting illumination energy lighting empty rooms or spaces. Installing sensors and timers will ensure that lights are only used when needed and help cut down on energy costs. While this is a great tip for year-round, you can certainly make this part of your winter plan to save energy for your business if it isn't already in place.

2. Keep AC and heat at the right settings

In the winter, the matter of air conditioning may seem like a summer worry, but this area is one of the easiest areas to maximize on energy savings year-round. In winter, you should aim to keep the heat set at 68 degrees when the building is occupied and then either through smart controls or manual operation set it down to a setting of 60 degrees overnight when the building isn't occupied. For the AC setting, keep it set at 75 degrees and use the colder nights without heat to keep the building cool and comfortable during the day.

3. Utilize natural light as much as possible

Another easy way to cut your energy costs in the winter is to utilize as much natural light as possible over artificial lighting which costs money to generate. Natural light is free! Look for areas where the natural light creates ample visibility and reduce the use of artificial lighting as much as possible.

4. Switch all lamps to LED

When looking for ways to reduce energy costs in winter, it might be as simple as changing the light bulbs. If you are using older, outdated lamps, you might be able to benefit and save energy costs by switching to LED lamps. These lamps use less energy to create the illumination which can definitely save on energy costs while providing pleasing, vibrant illumination your business needs.

5. Check the insulation

The insulation of a building is important because it helps to trap heat in the building. In the winter, you want your building to trap as much heat as possible to cut down on heating costs. The time to check the insulation of your building is prior to winter however so you can make any necessary repairs before cold weather hits.

6. Get an energy audit

Another great way to make the most of this winter is to get an energy audit prior to the start of the season. An energy audit will highlight any areas for improvement and show you steps your business can take to maximize energy savings.

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