Understanding LED Dimmable Drivers

Understanding LED Dimmable Drivers

When it comes to the world of lighting, there are a lot of factors to decipher. While we all know LED is one of the highest performing solutions on the market today, the matter of LED dimmable drivers is a less widely understood concept.

When it comes to understanding LED dimmable drivers, the first step is to figure out what they are and their main function. An LED driver drives the power to the unit usually to light the LED lamps. With an LED dimmable driver, you get that same electrical current management system with the built-in option of dimming the lamps.

One of the most common misconceptions about understanding LED dimmable drivers is the notion of whether you even need it in the first place. Since LED is known as the dimmable leader with more variances in the dimmable capabilities than comparative fluorescent lamps, most people assume you can simply plug an LED lamp into any fixture and start dimming. This isn't always the case. An LED lamp typically requires an LED dimmable driver to achieve this effect. While you can't simply connect your LED lamps to any fixture and achieve the dimming properties, you most likely can connect the LED lamps to an LED fixture and achieve it. Most LED drivers are compatible with dimming when used with LED lamps.

There is also some confusion regarding the matter of series and parallel. For starters, a series is created when an anode or the positively charged electrode of an LED is connected to a cathode or the negatively charged electrode of an LED. Enabling a single streak of non-stop current to flow throughout every LED in the connection, this is called a series. This allows for dimming because the connection is one single current rather than each LED lamp having its own current source. A parallel is configuration is when the LED lamps are connected side by side to a driver. This option is often chosen because it reduces the necessary voltage needed to operate a string of series configured lights. Regardless of which set up your fixture employs, the driver is capable of offering dimmable capabilities.

Another concern many people have about dimmable LED capabilities is whether or not it negatively impacts the life of the fixture or lamps. The good news is that as long as you are running your dimmable lamps with a compatible driver, it will not affect the life of your fixture or lamps in a negative manner. The whole purpose of the dimmable driver is to ensure a long-lasting and highly operational fixture.

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