Smart Lighting in Businesses

Smart Lighting in Businesses

The world of lighting is constantly evolving to keep up with the latest technology. An example of this can be seen in smart lighting technology. While many people think of residential applications for this technology, smart lighting in businesses is taking over. Here are a few reasons to consider adding some smart technology to your location.

1. More control over lighting

One of the biggest benefits of smart lighting in businesses is the added control. Lighting is a bigger line cost for some locations so having more control over when lights will operate is worth considering. For example, you can control the lighting from an app which allows you to set when lights turn on/off, adjust lighting levels for fixtures with dimmers, and more. Best of all, you can control the lighting when you aren't even in the building which is helpful over traditional timers or sensors.

2. Benefit from savings

With smart lighting, you can achieve and track savings on lighting costs. Since you will have total control over the lighting system, you can make sure it is only utilized when it's needed and avoid the all too common scenario of lights being left on over the weekend, holidays, or other times when the building is unoccupied. There is also the fact that LED smart controls can help harvest daylight based on the illumination in the space and lower the lighting to accommodate the daylight illumination for extra savings. Best of all, savings on lighting with smart controls are quantifiable so you can track how much you are saving over time as well as areas for improvement.

3. Give employees more control

Another benefit of smart lighting in businesses is that it can give your management team or select employees more control over the lighting of the spaces they commonly occupy. For example, allowing employees to control the light levels in their workspace or office with smart technology can help them find the right balance between brightness for the task at hand and comfort for their eyes. This is an easy and straightforward way to give your staff more control over their work environment without much of a negative impact.

4. Help the environment

When you use smart controls in your business, the goal is to find ways and timeframes you can cut back on utilizing artificial lighting and therefore energy. This attention to cutting back on energy consumption can help the environment which is important for the well-being of the planet. Even if you only trim a few minutes a day, those minutes will add up over the span of a year to lessen the burden on our planet. Smart controls can also help with other environmental concerns as well such as certifying your business for building efficiency standards at the state level.