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2 Ft LED Wraparound Lights 

For situations that require high-intensity lighting without all the bulk and space required by bigger, bulkier systems, these 2-foot wrap lights are the ideal solution. Whether illuminating a garage or shop, these fixtures are perfect for large, industrial spaces as well as things like laundry rooms and root cellars.

Your satisfaction is important to us, which is why we offer a huge selection of brands and designs to help you select the perfect solution for your illumination needs. Brands like Texas Fluorescents and our personal brand offer outstanding quality, easy user experiences, and stylish designs.

Regardless of whether you need 17 watts, 24 watts, 28 watts, or 36-watt varieties, we stock the exact fixture required. Our products vary by color temp from 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K and different levels of voltage. The 17-watt T8 version offers 2,3, or 4 lamps, 120-277 volts, and a small carbon footprint.

Fixtures shouldn’t be hard to install, and each of these 2-foot wrap light mounts is easy to use and install, which makes them ideal for average homeowners to high-level commercial business owners. Whether you’re replacing old lamps or outfitting new construction, these lamps are designed to offer an easy user experience and high-quality illumination. Depending upon which 2-foot wrap lights you choose, certain models may or may not feature reflectors. All models, however, offer long lamp life, which means that they’re lower maintenance and easier to manage than traditional lamps.

For your convenience, we offer different lens patterns, dimensions, color temps, voltage, wattage, and brands. No matter what you need, our outstanding inventory is sure to have exactly what you need to outfit your home appropriately. Whether you’re an illumination professional or new to the entire process, these 2-foot wrap lights promise to help make illuminating your space easy.

To purchase these, contact our customer service representatives. We can help you choose the correct model and decide on how many lamps you will need to adequately illuminate your home or business. Simply call or email us during business hours to begin the purchasing process and get your space ready for some high-quality illumination.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are 2 Foot Wrap Lights?

Wrap Lights are fitted with a lens that wraps around the light source to help spread the light evenly and reduce glare. The 2 Foot Wrap Lights are short, compact version of the wrap light.

Where are 2 Foot Wrap Lights used?

The 2 Foot Wrap Lights can be used in a number of locations. Their shorter size makes them ideal for closets, basements, laundry rooms, shops, sheds and garages. They can also be used in larger locations because the 2 foot length provide flexibility in spacing and mounting.

What are the different types of 2 Foot Wrap Lights?

The 2 Foot Wrap Light is usually surface mounted and often comes with one of two lens styles. One style is more tapered and the other wider and possibly curved. The fixture can come with a LED array as the light source or it may be wired for LED or fluorescent tubes.