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6 Inch Recessed Can Lighting Housing 

When choosing the right lighting solution, recessed lighting is a popular choice for many rooms of the home. It offers widespread light at a downcast angle providing bright illumination that is never overpowering. With our selection of 6-inch can lights and trims, you can easily outfit any room in your home with this appealing lighting solution. These products are great for maintaining a clean, finished look to your lighting fixture while also protecting it from dirt, debris or moisture.

We offer several options for 6-inch recessed can lights. We offer 6-inch high hat lights in a variety of options including IC rated and non-IC rated models. Every option in this inventory features the top brands for manufacturing of the highest standards and performance you can trust for years. In fact, most of the 6-inch recessed can lights we offer come complete with a lengthy warranty from the manufacturer to ensure satisfaction and performance. Choose from options that are UL wet or damp listed for showers, bathrooms, garages, and outdoor spaces, as well as other options ideal for the other spaces around the home. We offer various trims and reflectors, including clear, white, aluminum, and more, to help you create lighting that is efficient and evenly dispersed. These products are made with durable materials, including thermoplastics, aluminum, and polished chrome, for a fixture accessory built to last. They are easy to install with various types of hardware included depending on the model chosen. Whether looking for a completely recessed option or an eyeball regressed style, we have you covered with these great options.

At, we are the ultimate destination for affordable lighting solutions from the most trusted brands in the market. We offer one of the largest selections of high-quality lighting products to meet a wide range of needs and locations. If you have any questions or need assistance finding the right option for your situation, one of our friendly light specialists would be happy to help in any way. Call or order online today to add one of these reliable products to your lighting system!