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Electric Cable Puller Machines 

Cable pullers are used to guide electrical wiring and data communication cables through conduit that protects wire and cable in locations such as walls and crawlspaces. The heavier the application, the more pulling force is required, necessitating the need for powered cable pullers with our collection cable pullers. Fortunately, electric cable pullers have eliminated not only the back-breaking work of pulling cable, but also the budget-busting time it used to take.

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Ultra Brutus Cable Puller

  • Includes: Ultra Brutus™ 10000 lb cable pulling unit, 5 Conduit Adapters (2" - 4"), and 1 Footswitch
  • Innovative design features single person set-up in under 2 minutes with no assembly or tools required, no loose parts, and footswitch included
  • Extended boom allows 12 Ft. of cable to be pulled from the conduit to the capstan
  • Easily change pulling direction without disassembly - fast and simple setup that's safer for the user
  • 5 conduit adapters (2 In. - 4 In. adapters stored conveniently onboard) eliminate the need for the unit to be fastened to conduit
  • Swiveling casters provide easily mobility on dirt and gravel while flat-free wheels eliminate downtime
  • Space saving design folds to 61 In. L x 28 In. W x 39 In. H


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