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High Pressure Sodium Ballasts 

High-pressure sodium lamp ballasts from are a budget-friendly and environmentally friendly option for customers, especially those looking for outdoor lighting and for lighting for outdoor or indoor gardens. This lighting method provides a wide spectrum of color that other lighting options can seldom equal. Using compressed high-pressure sodium, these rugged ballasts give heated energy to lamp fixtures and control high-pressure sodium lighting.

Warehouse-Lighting carries a wide array of high-pressure sodium lamp ballasts in many styles and price points, including two main categories: acrylic and aluminum high-pressure sodium ballasts.

Though these ballasts may be less efficient than some other options, they make up for that weakness with their versatility, usability, and low cost. Also, high-pressure sodium lighting is more eco-friendly than fluorescent lighting. can help you pick exactly the right high-pressure sodium ballast for your particular project.

High-pressure sodium lamp based ballasts are a great way of limiting or controlling the amount of input that is consumed by the lighting installation of high-pressure sodium lamps it's fixed to. These ballasts use compressed high-pressure sodium to produce an arc to generate heated energy to for the lamps fixtures and enable lighting of High-Pressure Sodium Lamp derived installation.

Known for their rugged durability, high-pressure ballasts are highly favored for outdoor lighting, gardens, and indoor gardening. Such a wide color spectrum is difficult to produce in alternative lighting options, creating a niche consumer market for this kind of lighting.

All high-pressure sodium ballasts can be categorized into two types:

  • Acrylic High Pressure Sodium ballasts
  • Aluminum Fixtures High Pressure Sodium ballasts

Furthermore, high-pressure sodium ballasts have the following components which distinguish them from all other wall lights:

  • Watt Capacity
  • Voltage Strength

The efficiency of high-pressure sodium lamp ballasts may be moderate in terms of energy efficiency, but it is more versatile when it comes to usability and coverage. Since this type of light fixture costs much less than other fluorescent bulbs, it works for the budget conscious and is more environmentally friendly than fluorescent options.