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LED Landscape & Bullet Flood Lights 

When looking to add the power of LED lighting to your landscape lighting, we have you covered. With LED landscape flood lights, you get the power of this innovative lighting source coupled with durable construction for a long-lasting lighting answer. LED lights offer thousands of hours of illumination without requiring changing unlike their incandescent or fluorescent counterparts. In addition to their long burn times, LED lights operate at cooler temperatures, require shorter warm up times, and offer improved visibility with their bright output. For lighting you can depend on, landscape LED flood lights are a solid choice for any business.

About Landscape LED Bullet Floods Lights & Spot Lighting

We offer a diverse selection of LED landscape flood lights to fit your needs. All the landscape LED flood lights we offer have been manufactured with the highest standards of quality for dependable, long-lasting performance. Choose from various designs of the popular bullet style in various finishes for a fixture that will seamlessly blend with your landscape while offering powerful illumination. We offer various watts ranging from 5 watts to 13 watts, as well as your choice of various voltages, to find the option that is best for your needs. Choose from other important specification differences such as beam spread, lumens output, temperatures, and more with these reliable lighting options. These lighting solutions are designed to handle the elements with ease for a sturdy lighting solution you wont have to worry about. With aspects such as tempered glass lens, corrosion resistant finishes and hardware, and waterproof silicone gaskets, these lights are designed for the outdoors in all sorts of conditions. They are wet listed and offered with various warranties from the manufacturer for an incredible value and longevity. Bring your landscaping to life with one of these durable lighting solutions!

At, we are pleased to be your source for all your lighting essentials. We offer a large selection of leading names for quality you can trust for years to come. If you have any questions regarding the wide selection of lighting products we offer, please contact one of our knowledgeable lighting specialists today for further assistance while shopping with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Landscape Flood Lights?

LED Landscape flood lights are small outdoor lights utilized to illuminate landscape features such as trees, shrubs or gardens. They can be mounted on the ground level or higher up on a pole or a wall. These landscape lighting fixtures are typically wet listed so that they can endure the outdoor elements and add elegance to any landscape lighting project.

Where are Landscape Flood Lights used?

Landscape flood lights are used in outdoor landscape lighting to illuminate hardscapes, small ponds, trees, mailboxes, shrubs, paths, walkways, gardens and patios. They add beauty, safety, and entertainment to residential and commercial landscape lighting projects.

What are the different types of Landscape Flood Lights?

Landscape Flood Lights have a variety of narrow to wide light beam angles that are utilized depending on what is being illuminated. Bullet flood lights are the most popular landscape floods due to their small profile and focused light. Trunnions, pipe knuckles and slip fitters can be used to mount these fixtures on the ground, on walls or on poles, depending on the application. They can also utilize photo sensors which will automatically turn them on or off at sunset and sunrise.