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LED PAR Light Bulbs 

A PAR lamp is a type of specialized light that is often used in commercial and industrial settings. PAR stands for parabolic aluminized reflector. Some common uses for PAR lamps include train lights, aircraft lights and commercial recessed lights.

LED PAR lamps are a popular choice for commercial settings since they use less electricity and cost less to run. Though white light is the most popular choice, a wide array of light colors including amber and red are available and don’t require the use of filters.

Select PAR LED lights are equipped with dimming capabilities, which allow the user to adjust the lighting to suit their needs. The superior dimming capabilities of the lamps cannot be beat by other types of commercial lighting. PAR LED lights are designed for indoor or outdoor use. Click on a lamp, like the PAR30 LED 120-277V high output lamp from the list below for more information on size, usage and other features.

Par LED Lamps

Par LED Lamps are standard LED Lamps are usually broad beamed that provide even lighting across a wide spread area. The surface that projects illumination is parabolic in shape, Hence the name. Par LED Lamps give great coverage, provides protection and are high cost effective. All these advantages add to the efficiency of this versatile lighting option. It is hosted in a dark casing with the surface kept translucent for radiating light

Par LED Lamps are majorly used in vehicular headlamps and flight landing strips. But they are equally effective in lighting up street corners, parking lots, amusement parks, advertisement boards, building decorations, outdoor entertainment venues and monuments. Par LED Lamps work great as spot lights in staged productions.

A Par LED Lamp’s description constitutes of the following components that gives it a distinguishing edge:

  • Watt Capacity
  • Type Fluorescent Lamp used
  • Voltage Strength
  • Lumen Output
  • Medium of Energy Induction
  • Type of Mounting
  • Color Temperature

Efficiency of a particular flood light set-up depends on its main component- LED which works best in providing a clean light. LED Lamps are highly efficient and low maintenance because they last for thousands of hours.

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