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LED & Fluorescent PL Light Bulbs 

If you are in the market for PL- lamps, Warehouse Lighting is your resource for a comprehensive list of PL Lamp lighting options. We stock a number of PL Lamps are available in both Fluorescent and LED form.

PL lamps became widely known since Philips marketed its PL series of non-integrated compact fluorescent lamps including PL-L, PL-C, PL-T, PL-S, PL-R, and PL-Q. They often appear in other variations: PLL, PLC, PLT, PLS, PLR, PLH and PLQ.

  • PL-L stands for plug-in lamps in long version.
  • PL-S stands for plug-in lamps in short version.
  • PL-T stands for plug-in lamps with triple compact fluorescent turns (3U).
  • PL-C stands for plug-in cluster fluorescent lamps.
  • PL-R stands for radius model (round socket) plug-in lamps.
  • PL-H stands for high output plug-in lamps.
  • PL-Q stands for Quadrant (2D) shaped flat lamps.

PL LED & PL Fluorescent bulbs are available in various forms of 2-pin or 4-pin bases, including G.

Biax Lamps

If you are tight on room, but still in need of powerful lighting fixtures that can cover a wide area with effective illumination, look no further. Biax Lamps are a small but super efficient, energy saving version of regular fluorescent lamps. They are available in a shorter bulb which enables them to produce more light. Since they generate a tremendous light output from the bulb source that fits in a compact space, they are widely used in applications in that require incandescence and can be easily accommodated. We have the hardware that will get the job done with ease.

These products are smartly designed fixtures, consisting of linear lamps coated with polycarbonate and fixed to a suitable ballast. This powerful but compact design is what makes Biax bulbs a smart choice when it comes to energy saving. They are safety compliant and start up at a safe, specific temperature. You will be able to rely on them to perform day in and day out, giving you the light you need without hassle. With a longer lifespan than many other options on the market, Biax lamps will reduce maintenance costs and help you enjoy your fixtures even more.

These lamps work fabulously in indoor applications and are a popular feature in many residential as well as commercial sectors. They are also a likely candidate for providing illumination to statues and billboards, where there is a requirement for lightning that remains effective for long periods of time.

The small stature and high power for Biax lamps make them an ideal choice for a large variety of applications, and you will love every second of your fixtures when you use this remarkable technology. Best of all, they are highly affordable, with a low cost that makes them a very economical choice for anyone in need of great illumination on a budget. Browse through our great selection of Biax bulbs and find the right model for your needs. With the advantage of compact and effective lighting, you will be able to find a solution for any space in no time.