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Mini LED Wall Packs 

When choosing lighting, there are a few factors to consider. From energy consumption and environmental safety to the power of the output and the longevity of the bulb, mini LED wall pack lights are capable of meeting a wide range of lighting requirements with ease. Light emitting diode lights (LED) are known to last up to four times as long as their counterparts while offering a brighter illumination. They also consume less energy which makes them not only a money saver but also an environmentally friendlier option. With our selection of LED mini wall pack lights, you get powerful lighting that is just right for your smaller space. Larger wall packs illuminate a larger scope. When you need less lighting for a smaller space, such as a doorway, hallway, or to increase the visibility of important information, mini LED wall pack lights are a great solution.

Benefits of Mini LED Wall Packs

  • Ideal for smaller spaces. Since these are smaller than other wall pack options, they are ideal for smaller spaces in need of ample illumination. The more compact size makes them ideal for adding them to an already existing light plan to add extra illumination or using them in smaller spaces such as hallways or stairwells.
  • Offers a concentrated light source. Since they are designed with a mostly downlight spread, this fixture type offers a focused light spread ideal for highlighting certain areas such as a door or walkway with ample lighting.
  • Made with durability in mind for a long-lasting option. Designed for outdoor use, these units are made with durable housings and lenses, as well as well gasketed gaskets, for a durable solution. They are also listed for outdoor locations which means they can be exposed to water, rain, snow, and wind without worry for added peace of mind.
  • Available in a range of specifications to meet your needs. This type of fixture is available in a range of wattages, lumen outputs, voltages, color temperatures, and more. It is also available in a range of appearance choices and styles to help you get the right one for your location.

We offer a diverse range of options when choosing LED mini wall pack lights. Our inventory features the most trusted brands in the world of commercial and residential lighting such as RAB Lighting, WareLight, and more for quality you can count on for easy to come. Choose from a wide range of varying specifications with these reliable lighting solutions utilizing the latest in LED technology. Aside from their incredible lighting power, these small yet effective lighting options offer durable construction built to last. The housings are available in stainless steel or aluminum that has been treated with a powder coat finish for a corrosion resistant fixture. The hardware has also been treated in the same way for a durable lighting solution. Most fixtures are either damp or wet listed and offer a lengthy warranty from the manufacturer ensuring continued performance for the life of the fixture. Add just the right amount of light today with these mini LED options!

At, we are honored to be our valued customer's source for lighting needs. If you have any questions, please contact one of our lighting experts today for further assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Mini LED Wall Packs?

Mini LED Wall Packs are smaller form-factor wall packs. They are very energy efficient and ruggedly designed for outdoor use.

Where are Mini LED Wall Packs used?

Mini LED Wall Packs are used in many of the same locations as regular Wall Packs. They are often mounted to the exterior of office buildings, schools, hospitals and other structures. Due to the smaller size, Mini LED Wall Packs have greater flexibility as to where they can be utilized.

What are the different types of Mini LED Wall Packs?

There are many different types of Mini LED Wall Packs. Some of these include full cut-off, partial cut-off and no traditional (no cut-off), adjustable and architectural.