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Outdoor Motion Sensors 

When security is paramount to keeping your area safe, make sure you install a few motion lights and lighting controls to give your location more visibility and an instant response to activity. Our selection of motion sensor lights will help you feel more protected.

Whether you install these at your home or your business, the automatic lights that come on when they detect occupancy will help to protect both your assets and your loved ones. These lights automatically turn on when someone enters the area. Then, you can set the time that the light will stay on after no occupancy is detected. This is an easy and affordable way to add an extra level of security to any residence or building.

You can choose from indoor and outdoor models when you search our selection of motion sensor lights and lighting controls. We have many options available to help you find the right match for your needs. Indoor options are very flexible, able to be installed just about anywhere. There are different models that cover different areas, so take the time to consider the room you are looking to outfit and make the right match. Our outdoor motion lights are highly durable, able to withstand punishment from heavy activity and weather, so they will continue to serve you well in any environment.
Mount your motion sensor lights on any junction box or other platform and get powerful technology that can spot the difference between energy levels from motion and the background to deliver instant lighting when people or vehicles enter an area. Not only is this useful for detecting intruders, but it will also provide a highly efficient, completely automatic lighting option for any space that is less frequently used. From small walkways to docks to warehouses, the applications for motion lights are endless. Enjoy the convenience of lighting that responds when you need it and automatically turns off to save energy when you don’t.