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LED Outdoor Step Lighting 

There are plenty of lighting solutions designed for harder to light areas in need of proper illumination. With our selection of step lights, find the ideal solution for a range of areas in need of illumination for proper visibility.

The perfect way to see where you are walking without lighting up an entire building, step and brick lights provide additional security to any area with stairs, decks or porches. They can be used in several ways and placed in various positions, such as beneath the fence, on a wall or ceiling above the steps, and more. Able to be placed just about anywhere, step lights are versatile in their purposes and can be installed and utilized in recessed, raised flooring or multiple outdoor surfaces successfully. With so many options for installation, you can get the additional security you need, while also providing your area with a great look that will not subtract from the overall appeal.

These systems are used in outdoor applications and work perfectly for stairs, hallways, or pathways. Their small, compact design ensures that they can be installed just about anywhere, providing instant illumination for whatever you need. Not only are step lights great for walking areas, but they can also help highlight features such as plaques and statues with ease, providing quality light to a small area.

We offer several options for adding step lights to your location. Choose from several finishes and designs as well as various specifications to ensure the right outcome for your needs. Step and brick light options vary in their choice of different bulb fixture component, and you can find options fitting LED, CFL, and high-pressure sodium designs. Once you know which construction you are going with for your system, narrow down your search with a variety of other options including watt capacity, voltage, surface fit, and vapor resistance. There are also options that can be dimmed, providing extra utility for your lighting. With our great selection of products, you are sure to find the perfect lights for your needs. We have hand selected the highest quality products on the market at the best prices so that you always have access to the lighting options you need. If you have any questions, please contact us for further assistance.