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Used Industrial Lighting Fixtures 

Reasons to Consider Used Warehouse Lighting:

    • Lower cost. With used warehouse lighting, you save a considerable amount of money because the fixture isn't new. This can be ideal for any business looking for lighting solutions on a budget. It is especially useful when you are looking to buy several fixtures at once as a means to cut down on the initial costs.
    • Experiment with different solutions. If you are looking to change things up with your fixtures, it's easier and more cost effective to test things out with a used fixture instead of a brand new one. This way if you decide the lighting solution isn't right for your location, you can test it and move on without as much regret.
    • Upgrade to a better solution from your existing fixture. Another big benefit of used fixtures is that it allows you to upgrade with ease and affordability. If you are looking to update older fixture types with something newer but not brand new, this is a great solution to meet your needs. 



Purchasing Used Warehouse Lighting

Light is one of the most important features for any space and our selection of used warehouse lighting is here to help. Whether indoor or outdoor, proper visibility is crucial not only for safety and functionality but decor reasons as well. People are attracted to well-lit areas, and proper fixtures can make the difference between a comfortable and exciting environment and an oppressive and stifling atmosphere. If you are on a budget, cutting edge light fixtures can quickly become a low priority. That is why we are happy to provide used industrial lighting fixtures so that you can find a great solution for your lighting needs without spending a fortune. Browse our huge selection of options and get lights that not only perform well but also look great every day. There is no reason you cannot have powerful light fixtures for your building!

You can find used light fixtures with different wattages that support various voltages. Metal halide lamps are twice as efficient as mercury vapor lights and 3 to 5 times more efficient than incandescent bulbs. Their lamp life can range from 6,000 to 15,000 hours. Pulse start metal halide lamps lose less heat and have a faster cold start time than probe-start MH lamps. If you are on a budget, these options will help you get the powerful lighting you need for your space while also cutting down on the need for maintenance due to their superior durability and reliability. With our great prices on used industrial lighting, getting an effective and attractive solution is more affordable than ever.

While our selection is full of lamps used in industrial applications, they are still useful in just about any situation. Being designed for industrial purposes means they provide wide coverage and great distance with their illumination while also being highly durable. The perfect option for tougher spaces, they are a sure way to get the light you desire in a fixture that will last for years. The high reliability of these lights is why used light fixtures are an easy choice, as they provide the solution you need at the best price possible without the added worry over performance. Not only will you save money on your fixtures by purchasing used lights, but you will also cut down on repair and replacement fees by using options that are built to last through the toughest environments.

Lighting is important to any space whether commercial, industrial or residential. When it comes to finding the right lighting for your needs, there are many factors to consider when making the decision. If affordability is your main concern, purchasing used lighting is a smart choice. Many people shy away from buying used because they worry about the quality and life span of the lights they are purchasing since they are not brand new, but this fear can be settled by making a few thoughtful considerations prior to purchasing.

Choose the Right Dealer

The most important aspect of buying used lighting is to buy from a trusted source. The mistake that many shoppers make is purchasing used lighting from individual dealers on sites such as eBay or Craigslist. While there are some out there with a good reputation, it is hard to know the good ones from the ones to avoid. Some sites will have reviews from other shoppers as to the reliability of the seller and an idea of the quality of the products, but many sites do not offer this information. There is a way to avoid dealing with the gamble of buying used lighting from an unverified source. The best way to make sure you are getting the best quality is to shop at a professional dealer within the lighting industry for the best results. While the main focus of professional light supply businesses is on brand new lighting solutions, many also carry a select inventory of used lighting.

Know Your Choices

It is important to know exactly what type of lighting you are looking for prior to shopping. This will help ensure you end up with the light you want instead of the lowest priced option that is wrong for your needs. You should also be aware that it will be easier to find certain types of lighting over others. For example, you will have a better chance of finding an affordable used metal halide light than a used LED light solution. This doesn’t mean you absolutely can’t find a used LED light, it juts means you will need to shop around for it.

When choosing used lighting, the most important factors are to know what you’re shopping for and choose a reputable dealer. As long as you follow those guidelines, used lighting is a smart solution to save extra money on lighting.