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Wall Pack Accessories & Replacement Parts 

When looking for wall pack light accessories, we have what you need. With more and more businesses investing in the reliable safety provided by wall pack lighting, it makes sense to protect your investment with our led wall pack accessories. As a leading supplier of wall pack lighting, both incandescent, and LED, in a variety of sizes and models, we are proud to be your source for all your lighting needs for your commercial and industrial settings. Find everything you need to keep lights in great condition for years to come.

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Wire Guard for WareLight Premium Wall Pack

Wire Guard for WareLight Premium LED Wall pack family ONLY:

  • WLWP-45W-50K-MV-10D-G2
  • WLWP-60W-50K-MV-10D-G2
  • WLWP-75W-50K-MV-10D-G2
  • WLWP-90W-50K-MV-10D-G2
  • WLWP-120W-50K-MV-10D-G2

Wall Pack Not Included


Regular price$20.79


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Shield for Westgate WML-120 Wall Pack
Shield for Westgate WML-120 Wall Pack

  • Fits Westgate Manufacturing 120 watt non-cutoff wall pack (WML-120)


Regular price$39.05


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Shield for Westgate WML-30 Wall PackShield for Westgate WML-50 and WML-60 Wall Pack
Shield for Westgate WML-50 and WML-60 Wall Pack

  • Fits Westgate 50 and 60 watt non-cutoff wall pack (WML-50 & WML-60)


Regular price$39.58


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18 Inch Beauty Plate for WareLight Premium LED Wall Pack

18 Inch Beauty Plate for WareLight Premium LED Wall Packs ONLY:

  • WLWP-45W-50K-MV-10D-G1
  • WLWP-60W-50K-MV-10D-G1
  • WLWP-75W-50K-MV-10D-G1
  • WLWP-90W-50K-MV-10D-G1
  • WLWP-120W-50K-MV-10D-G1

Wall Pack Not Included


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We offer the latest in wall pack accessories to help keep your lighting up to date with the changing trends of the lighting industry. One of the most needed wall pack accessories are items meant to protect your lighting investment to ensure a long-lasting solution. Wall pack wire guards offer protection against a damaged glass lens and bulbs. We offer wire guards in both small and large sizes made from continuous welded wire and finished in a protective polyester coating. These black wire guards are perfect for almost any wall pack lighting with the exception of full cut-off models. They are ideal for most fluorescent wall packs, induction wall packs, and wall packs of metal halide. These wall pack wire guards offer an extra bit of insurance against damage and can help lights last even longer than originally planned. With easy installation and affordability, these accessories are a smart way to extend the life of your lighting solutions with little effort. Check out the latest additions for wall pack units today.

Reasons to Add Accessories to Wall Pack Lights

  • Adds extra protection to the fixture. Since most wall pack accessories serve the purpose of adding an extra layer of protection to the fixture, this benefit is a no brainer. From wire guards to metal shields, wall pack accessories can help protect the fixture from harsher than average weather, dirt and debris, and even deter criminals from tampering with the unit.
  • Extends the life of the fixture. With the added protection for the unit, it is more likely to last for years. When you buy any lighting solution for your business, you want it to last. Adding a few extra protective measures will help safeguard your investment for years.
  • Cuts down on maintenance time. When a light fixture is accessorized with extra protection measures, it cuts down on repairs, replacements, and general maintenance. For instance, the use of shields will help protect from dust or debris getting in the lens which means you will have to clean it less often.

At Warehouse Lighting, we are proud to be your source for exceptional products from flood lights to LED light packs. All of the products we offer have been manufactured with care and thoughtful design for a long-lasting answer to your lighting concerns. We know finding the right lighting option can be a hassle. We are here to help. If you have any questions about any of the exceptional products we proudly offer, our team of lighting representatives would be happy to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Wall Pack Accessories?

Wall Packs are versatile and useful lighting fixtures. Wall Pack Accessories are additional components that may be used with Wall Packs.

Where are Wall Pack Accessories used?

Wall pack Accessories are used wherever Wall Pack fixtures are used. A visor may be used to help direct light spill outside a building or along a street. A wire guard will provide extra protection for the Wall Pack lens at locations like a construction site. The mounting plate or beauty plate, is used when changing over from a larger to smaller wall pack. It helps to cover any existing mounting holes or blemishes.

What are the different types of Wall Pack Accessories?

There are a number of Wall Pack Accessories. These can include visors, wire guards and mounting plates, also called beauty plates.