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Our new U-Phase™ Wire Marker takes simplicity and efficiency to a whole new level. Traditionally phasing or color coding wires involved wrapping the wires in colored tape, but now with the U-Phase you are able to simply slide the patented designed marker tip across the wire. Quickly and conveniently use the UPhase wire marker to color cords and wires for fast and easy organization. Easily and permanently mark wires inside of panels. Can be used with line or low voltage cables.

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Gardner Bender GWM-AST U-Phase Wire Marker; Assorted - Blue/Red/White/Green

  • Patented U-shaped brush fits around and marks the wire
  • Valve activated tip keeps paint fresh
  • Marking temperature range: 0B0F to 110B0F (-18B0C to 44B0C)
  • 675 ft. of usage versus the standard 66 ft. of a roll of vinyl tape


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