Cruise Ship Lighting

Cruise Ship Lighting

While every location has unique lighting needs, a cruise ship is certainly one of the more unique locations. From the complexities of the exterior lights of the deck to the cabin areas, this lighting area has several aspects to consider. Here are a few tips for choosing the right cruise ship lighting.

1. Choose LED.

LED fixtures will give a better return on initial investment over time since they last longer and burn brighter than other bulb types. When dealing with larger passenger ships such as the common size of cruise ships, finding the most economical solution is always the best bet. Since a LED can offer anywhere from 60,000 to 100,000 hours of burn time with a lower wattage consumption than other options, they are the best investment. They are also great for a cruise ship setting because they do not produce heat which can be a concern in close quarters. LED lights are also even-keeled in terms of output without any rattling or flickering commonly found in comparative fluorescent models.

2. Know the ratings and codes of lights.

If you are choosing lights for the exterior areas, it is imperative to choose options that are IP rated and UL listed for wet locations. With a dustproof, waterproof fixture such as a LED surface mount or wall mounted option with the right rating, you can ensure the lasting performance of the solution. Make sure you choose options with thick gaskets made of durable material such as silicone for the best results.

3. Use natural light wisely.

While cruise ships tend to be more limited in their use of natural light, there are still options to utilize natural light to some degree. Whether from the balcony window in the cabins or smaller windows placed in the communal areas, the more natural light you can utilize, the better.

4. Mimic natural light when possible.

A cruise ship can start to feel confining for guests because of the lack of windows. A great way to offset this is with artificial lighting that has the same tone as natural light. To make this happen, aim for at least 5000K for a cool, white tone that mimics a blue sky. Stay away from the lower Kelvin ratings which will be closer to the warm yellow tones.

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