Casino Lighting

Casino Lighting

The design layout of a casino is integral to the success of the establishment. There are many factors that must work together to make a casino a success. One of the biggest elements after the actual layout of the casino is the element of lighting. Since it is no surprise that lighting plays a role in determining moods and spending habits of people, finding the right lighting for casinos can be the difference between a profitable location and a failed business. Here are a few suggestions on achieving the best lighting for casinos to help make this task a little easier to navigate.

Light for mood, not visibility.

In a casino setting, you want to avoid bright lights in cool temperatures. This is a location that definitely benefits more from ambiance lighting than visibility focused lighting. The goal of the lighting is to create a warm, inviting atmosphere which will make guests want to linger. Bright lights in cool temperatures are not the most inviting since they cause people to be more alert. Choose warmer temperatures closer to the yellow range of the CRI to create lighting that will make them want to stay. Try to aim for around 3500-4000K for the best results.

You also want to consider the intensity of the lumen output. Since this is typically an area that will have a lot of competing light sources at once, it is best to mix and match the lumen outputs throughout the space to create layers of light instead of one unified appearance.

Keep in mind the slot machines.

Slot machines are designed to attract the eye with the use of bright colors and exciting lights. Since the machines will give off a significant amount of lighting in the space, you want to keep lighting directed away from the screens of these slot machines to avoid glare. Measure should also be taken to eliminate glare as much as possible with the use of diffusers and anti-glare shields. These tools will create more evenly distributed illumination spread instead of concentrating it all in one spot which can lead to screen glare.

Consider the ceiling.

Another factor to consider is the height of the ceiling which will help determine which lighting solutions are ideal. Most casinos employ lower ceilings since this creates more of a home-like feel which encourages them to stay and get comfortable. With this in mind, choose lighting which is ideal for lower ceilings. For instance, using an option which produces a lot of heat or a highly concentrated light spread intended for higher ceilings would be a disaster. Choose lighting solutions which produced little to no heat, such as compact fluorescent or LED lamp fixtures, to avoid adding discomfort to the guest.

Mix and match fixture types.

Since a casino is meant to create a certain level of ambiance and atmosphere, it is best to avoid using only one or two types of fixtures. The more varied the fixtures types and placements, the better it looks to guests. Obviously, you don’t want a bunch of mismatched fixtures all over the place, but choosing the same wall sconces throughout the casino coupled with the right overhead solutions can help create a pleasing environment.

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