Furniture Store Lighting

Furniture Store Lighting

Finding the right lighting solutions for any space should be tailored to the needs of the location. Every business type has different lighting needs unique to the location and a furniture store is a great example of this principle. When it comes to furniture store lighting, there are a few tried and true suggestions to help master this location for the best results. Here are a few ideas to guide you as you plan the lighting for your furniture store!

Use track lighting to highlight

When looking at furniture store lighting, there are a few fixture types which stand out as the ideal option. Track lighting is a popular choice for this type of location because it gives a clean, directed light spread allowing you to easily highlight selected areas and draw the customers eye to said area. If you are trying to highlight a particular area, track lighting is a great way to do so, but it can also add to the overall general lighting of the space in terms of lumen output. They are also easy to install and offer an attractive appearance. Many options can even be adjusted as needed which adds to their versatility as a lighting solution for this type of location.

Don't ignore overhead fixtures for general lighting needs

While track lighting helps to highlight areas and adds to the general lighting, it should not be the only source of light in the showroom of a furniture store. The location will still need general lighting fixtures in place. Recessed troffers are a great choice because they are placed inside the ceiling for a clean look that is easy to maintain over time. The key is to make sure it doesn't overpower the track lighting or clash in color temperature to make these two very different fixture types work to the benefit of the space. Whatever color temperature you choose for the recessed troffers for general lighting should be similar to the track lighting color temperature to create a pleasing look.

Add wall sconces for cozy additional lighting

Another popular light fixture for furniture store lighting is the wall sconce. These add a pleasing bit of light in harder to light areas and can be placed on walls through the space to create a pleasing mix of uplight and downlight. These are also similar to what some people may have in their own which can add to the ambiance of the area, an important factor for some people when shopping for the future for their home.

Pay attention to color temperature

One of the things a lot of designers get wrong in choosing furniture store lighting is the color temperature. The temperature is how cool (white) or warm (yellow) illumination is from a light fixture. While the color temperature in a residential living room is typically in a warm yellow to create a relaxing vibe everyone needs in their home after a long day, this is the wrong approach for a store showroom with living room furniture on display. In fact, furniture stores can lose sales because of this one aspect. A warm color temperature can make furniture look washed out and the showroom dim like you have something to hide. Studies have also proven that consumers are more likely to buy any product when they perceive the shopping space as a well-lit, bright space. If you opt for a cooler color temperature to stay more on the white side of the scale than the yellow side, such as 3700k-4000k, it will highlight the furniture and create a pleasing shopping environment for consumers.

Don't go too dim or too bright with lumens

Aside from color temperature, the lumens are also an important factor to consider when choosing fixtures for the location. If you pack too many lumens in the space, it will be uncomfortable the eyes and make customers less likely to linger and browse. If you go too low in lumens, it will make the space too dim and shadowy which will also help hurry potential buyers out the door faster. The key to the right lumens in the space will depend on the square footage of the location. It is a good idea to have a general idea of how many lumens per square foot you will need and then break that up between a range of fixtures with controls so you can adjust lumens as needed.

Choose LED

When looking at furniture store lighting, LED should be the go-to solution for this location. Since this type of store will need lights during all hours of operation, finding a cost-effective light solution is key to controlling lighting costs. LED creates consistent, high-quality illumination while operating on considerably lower watts than other options on the market. It is also incredibly durable and long lasting to save on replacements and repairs over time.

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