Hotel Bathroom Lighting

Hotel Bathroom Lighting

When planning any sort of lighting for a hotel, there are certain considerations to keep in mind. A hotel should be a pleasing place to relax and rest while away from home and the right lighting plays a crucial part in creating this environment for guests. Let's take a look at a few top tips and ideas for hotel bathroom lighting to help make the most of this space for your location.


Opt for multiple light sources

When it comes to finding the right solutions for hotel bathroom lighting, it's important to have multiple fixtures both in type and placement. This will help to disperse a more even, layered light to avoid harshness or shadows. If you use only overhead general lighting to achieve the required lumens for the space, it will be too harsh for such a small room. It's better to have more fixtures with lower lumens for this area than one or two fixtures with all the lumens in those fixtures.

Find the right color temperature

In addition to lumens, color temperature is the second most important element in hotel bathroom lighting. The right color temperature for this space should be cool enough to give a bright, pleasing visibility yet not too cool to wash out complexion when looking in the mirror. A good rule of thumb is to stay somewhere around 2700k-3500k for this area. You also want to make sure all the lights are in the same temperature to avoid eye strain or a displeasing appearance in color.

Choose the right fixture types

  • Large scale light fixtures belong mounted overhead. This is the general lighting for the room and should be placed as high as possible, preferably recessed, to provide ample light spread. You want the fixture to clear the top of the mirror to put it in perspective. This will help prevent glares and reduce shadows in general.
  • Wall sconces mounted on both sides of the mirror are ideal because they can help distribute light equally on both sides of the face when a guest looks in the mirror without casting harsh shadows.
  • Accent lighting in the form of chandeliers is a great choice for hotel bathroom lighting. A chandelier can be placed in the center of the room to add both accent and some extra general lighting, depending on the space. Make sure the chandelier is mounted high enough to avoid being a nuisance or safety concern. If you are placing it over the top, make sure it is properly rated for wet or damp locations.

Add dimmers for more control

While we might not think of a hotel as the type of location in need of dimmers, it can make the experience more enjoyable for guests. Adding dimming controls gives guests a more customizable experience to meet their needs with ease. Dimmers are an easy way to up the wow factor in your hotel.

Consider occupancy sensors

Another lighting solution often overlooked for this aspect of lighting are occupancy sensors. This is a great thing to install to allow the lights to come on when a guest enters the bathroom in the middle of the night in an unfamiliar place to add to convenience and comfort. It can also help reduce energy costs to avoid the lights being left off in an unoccupied room. It is just one more way to make lighting more modern and exciting for your guests!

Keep finishes consistent

Whether you choose wall sconces, chandeliers, or gooseneck styles, the finishes should be the same in color finish in terms of any exposed housings. If you have a bronze arm on the gooseneck and a silver finish on the chandelier, it will instantly clash and look displeasing to the eye. When creating a lighting plan, you should always pay attention to these small details.

Choose LED fixtures

In order to achieve all of these goals of lighting, you need a reliable solution made with the highest industry standards. LED is the top choice for a few obvious reasons. For starters, it offers some of the highest lumen outputs at a lower wattage which is important when lighting multiple rooms for a large scale location such as a hotel. It is also long lasting to help cut down on maintenance costs and time spent on repairs. LED also offers a wider spectrum of color temperature to help you get the right color temperature for the space. This type of lighting is also exceptional at dimming without losing overall light quality or flickering. Best of all, LED is available in a range of fixture types and designs to help you find the right appearance and function for the space. Whether looking for a wet rated light for above the shower/tub, or a decorative chandelier for the best of appearances and efficiency in one, LED has something sure to rise to the occasion.

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