Best Hair Salon Lighting Fixtures

Best Hair Salon Lighting Fixtures

When choosing the right lighting solutions, you need to consider the specific needs of your location. For example, a hair salon presents a few unique lighting concerns which should be taken into consideration when planning the needs of illumination. When considering your options in terms of lighting for hair salons, here are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Color Rendering Matters

In a location where visibility is key to the task at hand, color rendering is essential to the space. Color rendering helps to bring out the colors of objects being illuminated. Some bulbs offer less color rendering levels than others which will leave things with a washed out or even a yellow tinge. With a higher color rendering index, more colors are picked up and illuminated for better visuals. For this type of space, opt for a bulb at a color rendering index of at least 80 or higher for the best results.

2. Choose Low Heat Lamps

Going to the salon to get your hair done should be pleasant for the customer. If your location employs high heat emitting lights, you will be creating a less than ideal experience for your customers and staff. Certain types of bulbs can emit high levels of heat because the bulb converts more of the energy to heat than actual light. Stay away from incandescent and halogen bulbs to avoid this issue. A better bet is to choose LED or even fluorescent since they create less heat.

3. Find the Right Temperature

When we talk about temperature in lighting, we aren’t referring to the heat the solution creates. Temperature is the warm or cool tones of the output. Cool temperatures tend to wash out colors more than a warmer solution. Due to the nature of the location, you want a temperature that will flatter the complexion and colors of your customers. A good tip is to choose warmer temperatures, such as around 3500 Kelvin, since it will be the most flattering.

4. Eliminate Shadows

Along the same lines of color temperature, you want to select lighting that will eliminate harsh shadows which can impact customer perception. Make sure to incorporate enough uplight and downlight in any given space to avoid shadows. You should also have several different types of fixtures to create a more inviting space free of shadows.

5. Opt for Energy Efficient Options

A salon usually operates for a long business day to meet the schedules of their clients. With this in mind, choosing energy efficient solutions is a smart business move. LED is quickly becoming the most capable lighting solution for energy efficient business for several reasons. They offer a better lumen output with a lowered wattage consumption. They are also longer lasting and lower in maintenance needs than other solutions of comparable bulbs.

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