Mailbox Lighting Tips

Mailbox Lighting Tips

There are many ways to add some basic curb appeal to your home. When it comes to adding some charm with mailbox lighting, this is an easy and affordable way to up the appeal. Here are a few tips to get you started on your DIY mailbox lighting project.

1. Consider your mailbox stand type

The type of stand you already have will determine a few things. For instance, if you have a standard wooden post, you can use any lighting solution to illuminate it. With a stone post, you may need to choose a different route. For instance, a stone post will require lights on both sides, or maybe even all four sides depending on how thick the stand is, to receive adequate lighting without casting harsh shadows, you will need to light it with several fixtures. A standard wooden post tends to be thin enough that one or two lights at the most will suffice.

2. Use spotlight fixtures

Regardless of which type of stand you have, spotlights are a great choice for this area of lighting. Since the goal is to create a focused area of light, there is no better way to do so than with spotlights. They let you adjust the fixture so that you can cast light exactly where you want it. Since these are usually placed in the ground, the light cast will be upward which will really help to highlight the mailbox.

3. Consider rope lighting

The only major downside to spotlights is that they can create shadows. While many people do not mind the slight shadows, others might prefer a cleaner look. With rope lighting, you can create a well-lit mailbox area that is mostly free from shadows. Since most rope lighting is LED, you get a less shadowy effect. Rope lighting looks great used by mailboxes in a few ways such as run along the stand itself, outlining the perimeter of the mailbox on the ground, or as part of the landscaping. The good thing about rope lighting is that it's versatile and relatively easy to work with to achieve a nice outcome.

4. Add some landscaping

Of course, adding lighting is only part of the equation to sprucing up this area of your home. If you are going to add lighting, you should also add some supplemental landscaping elements. Whether this is a border of bricks to run the rope lighting with some stones inside or a simple placement of a few planted flowers, adding some greenery with the lights goes a long way overall.

5. Use solar or LED

When the matter comes up, you want to choose either solar or LED. Solar is a great choice because it allows you to get illumination pretty much for free by way of the sun. LED is also a great alternative that is energy efficient in terms of the illumination output versus the energy consumed.

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