Stage Lighting

Stage Lighting

A stage should be the focal point for the audience. With the right lighting, this goal can be achieved with ease. However, there are a few important considerations to make when choosing the best lighting for the stage. Here are a few suggestions for achieving the best stage lighting for your needs.

Consider the intensity of the light.

When placing stage lighting, you should always consider where the beam of the illumination will fall. If you don’t consider the illumination spread, you run the risk of choosing lighting that is too intense, or too concentrated, for the area. A good rule of thumb is to place the light so that the spread will fall slightly above the focal point to create a gentle, yet focused illumination.

Choose LED solutions.

While stage lighting can come in many forms, don’t underestimate the power of a LED solution for this unique area of lighting. A LED offers a better lumen output with improved color rendering over comparable options. Since the main objective of lighting for the stage rests on ensuring the clarity of what is happening onstage, the color rendering of a LED is certainly a better than an option which will have a harder time picking up different colors without altering them in the process. They are also better for the environment since they use less energy to create illumination, as well as being incredibly long lasting in terms of the bulb type which will lead to fewer replacements over time.

Select adjustable light fixtures.

If you have lighting solutions that you can’t adjust, you are severely limiting your lighting capacity. With an adjustable, ceiling mounted fixture, there is more versatility in where the light spread will be cast which is helpful for adjusting based on the varying needs of a given production. Adjustable lighting is a basic of lighting for the stage since versatility is needed in this location more than most other locations.

Use multiple lights to achieve proper backlighting.

If you were to only place lights at the front of the focal point of the stage, you would end up with stark shadows at the back of the stage which would distract the audience. If you were to only light the set from the back, you would end up blinding the audience while still creating shadows. When you place light fixtures at both angles, you will eliminate shadows and make it easier for the eyes of the audience. It will also help to focus the eyes of the audience to the focal point on the stage without being too obvious for a more natural appeal.

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