Trophy Case Lighting

Trophy Case Lighting

Finding the right lighting solutions can be tricky. When it comes to properly lighting a trophy case, the matter of lighting is important so you can highlight the contents of the case and show these points of pride in a pleasing manner. There are a few important things to keep in mind with this type of lighting. Let’s take a look the best way to go about installing trophy case lighting.

  1. Use undercabinet lighting

    The best bet in terms of fixture type for trophy case lighting might surprise you. While it is commonly used underneath cabinets as the name denotes, undercabinet lighting is a smart choice for a trophy case for a few reasons. For starters, this solution works well for cases of all sizes from small cases in a home to large cases in a high school or college campus. When you are lighting a smaller case, simply use one or two per shelf whereas a larger case might need more undercabinet fixtures mounted in a continuous line for proper illumination. This type of lighting is also great for trophy cases because it can be directly mounted with ease to the bottom of the shelf to illuminate items on the shelf below.

  2. Use LED lamps

    When lighting for this unique space, there are a few reasons to use LED over other lamp types. LED offers the best color rendering which will make it easier to read the writing or see different colors displayed in the case. LED also offers some of the best lumen outputs for the low energy consumed which means a bright light that won’t eat up your utility bill. Another benefit of LED is that is doesn’t lose heat during operation. Lamps that produce a lot of heat are usually inefficient and they can be a concern in a trophy case. Since glass is a natural conduit of heat, using a lamp with a lot of heat production can be a concern in case some touches the glass or in extreme cases the heat causes the glass to shatter. LED is simply the best solution for this type of lighting area.

  3. Choose the right color temperature

    When choosing trophy case lighting, the color temperature is important to consider. Color temperature is not a measure of heat as mentioned above. Color temperature is how warm or cool the light produced appears to the eyes. A warm light offers a yellow glow while a cool lamp offers a white to blue glow. A trophy case should opt for somewhere in the middle on the color temperature scale to avoid anything to harsh to the eyes.

  4. Pay attention to surrounding light fixtures and light spread

    Another element of trophy case lighting is to look at any surrounding fixtures and where their light falls. If the fixtures in the space are cast so the spread falls on the glass of the case, you will end up with a glare that prevents people from admiring the trophy case contents. If this is the case, you can either change the fixtures overhead, add diffusers, or reposition the case to another location.

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