Undercabinet Lighting

Undercabinet Lighting

Lighting can be used to achieve several effects from ambiance to greater visibility of a particular area. With undercabinet lighting, creating either outcome has never been easier. The underside of a cabinet is an often-underutilized location with a lot of lighting potential. There are a few different types of undercabinet lighting and each one has something unique to offer.

Linear Fixtures

The use of lighting fixtures under cabinets most often conjures up the image of a linear fixture. This type of fixture is a rectangular shape and made from various materials. While metal options are available for added durability, there are also lightweight plastic linear fixtures available. They are also made in a range of colors and styles to match any set of cabinets seamlessly. When looking for an evenly spread light source for undercabinet areas, this option is the best bet. They are manufactured in a variety of lengths. While some people will run one large unit or two units to cover larger cabinets, these lights can also be placed more sparingly to create a focus on ambiance over function. When going for visibility with this type of fixture, opt for cooler temperatures and higher lumen outputs whereas ambiance lighting would be warmer colors coupled with lower lumen outputs. There are also options which allow you to control the lumen output for a dimmable option.


When looking for an option that is more adjustable in placement, disk lighting is a great solution. This lighting solution can be either a set of disks wired together as one unit or it can be a remote style option that allows more freedom in placement spacing. These lights are great for when you want a more focused light that still helps to create a high level of ambiance. They are especially useful for highlighting certain areas of the counter to show off decorative elements. One of the easiest to install, disk lights are a fast way to up the appeal of any cabinet area.


Another option for undercabinet lighting is rope lighting. While this option is less often seen in residential areas, it is ideal for industrial areas, garages, and workspaces in need of extra illumination. This type of undercabinet illumination is more about function than ambiance, but it can give off both when implemented correctly. The great thing about rope lighting is that you can adjust it to meet any space requirement either by connecting two ropes together for a longer cabinet or by shortening a rope with an end cap for smaller areas.

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