Wedding Venue Lighting Tips

Wedding Venue Lighting Tips

Every venue has its own unique lighting needs. As a wedding venue, the needs of lighting are a bit more complex than other locations. Lighting should be a mix of different elements. It should also be a careful balance between proper visibility and ambiance to set the mood. Here are a few wedding venue lighting tips to help you pull it off without a hitch!

1. Light in layers for more versatility

One of the biggest wedding lighting tips for your venue is to light in layers rather than one overpowering fixture. This is important for a few reasons unique to this type of location. For starters, every wedding will be different from start to finish and this includes the lighting required. Some couples might want more artificial lighting for visibility needs while other couples prefer more of a candlelit or sparsely lit in general for this type of affair. If you have multiple fixtures placed in several areas of directions, such as directional track lighting which offers more versatility than fixed fixtures, you can choose which lights to use to create the right outcome for the desired atmosphere.

2. Choose warmer color temperatures over cooler temperatures

A cooler temperature gives off a bright, white to bluish white appearance which is less than appealing for a few reasons. For starters, it tends to wash out complexions and make everyone looked tired which isn’t exactly what anyone wants in the photographs of this special day. To avoid a harsh color temperature, stick to warmer options ranging from 2000k to 3500k. It is a good idea to have several different temperatures all in the warm scale in different fixtures for added options when choosing which lights to operate for the event. Best of all, you no longer have to choose incandescent to get this warmer color temperature since LEDs offer an impressive color temperature range while still offering the energy efficiency of LED solutions.

3. Install dimmers

Aside from a warm color temperature, dimmers are a great way to create the various outcomes required of a wedding venue. Dimmers allow you to adjust the lighting as needed which can be more beneficial in some cases than simply turning off a few lights. For instance, you can dim them during the vows and bring them back up at the end. Dimmable lighting is definitely a must-have in any lighting plan for a wedding venue or reception venue.

4. Add color

One of the less obvious wedding venue lighting tips is to add a few colored lights. With LED fixtures, you can add colored lenses to select models which give more versatility to any venue. From pinks to blues, this can be a nice way to mix things up in a pretty and pleasing way.

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