Yacht Lighting

Yacht Lighting

When it comes to lighting for unique spaces, every location has different needs. For instance, lighting for a yacht has to meet certain elements of durability and function to be the right choice for this unique area of lighting. Let’s take a closer look with a few tips on yacht lighting.

  1. Know the laws and regulations

    The most important thing to remember in yacht lighting is that there are usually laws and regulations you must follow to avoid getting in trouble with the authorities. Exterior lighting on your yacht needs to meet the codes in terms of matters such as brightness, color, and placement. The U.S. Coast Guard serves as the ruling body on these matters so you should consult their website before adding or changing any lighting on your vessel.

  2. Check the rating

    The rating of a light fixture is important because not all fixtures are meant for use in areas where a high level of moisture is present. The fact of the matter is that a boat of any type experiences some pretty intense conditions which can play a role in how long the light fixture lasts or how well it performs. With saltwater, fresh water, sand, wind, sun, and even rain coming into contact with a yacht at a pretty constant rate, the exterior lighting fixtures need to be marine rated for the best outcome. While the internal fixtures in the cabin won’t be as exposed to as much moisture, you should still opt for a higher rating rather than a lower one because it will ensure durability for years to come.

  3. Choose low heat options

    When it comes to cabin yacht lighting, the matter of heat should be considered. Even on a larger vessel like a yacht, the space can still feel a bit confined and the use of lamps which create extra heat can make the space downright uncomfortable. The best bet is to choose lamps that are low to now heat emitting for the best results. Not only will low heat lamps result in a cooler space, but it is also a sign of a more efficient lamp in terms of energy consumed for lumens produced.

  4. Opt for LED

    The best bet for yacht lighting, both internal and external, is LED. This type of lighting creates no heat loss, offers incredible longevity, and better energy consumption. LED can also be found in several colors, such as blue, pink, and more, so you are free to play with the lighting on your yacht to get the right look.

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