If you're looking for powerful but discreet lighting to illuminate a large area, drop ceiling lights are your best choice. What are the best drop ceiling lights for your space? It depends on the type of ceiling you have and the look you're trying to achieve.

LED drop ceiling lights are most often found in commercial and industrial locations. There are many different designs that use various lamp quantities to provide the right amount of lighting for any site, whether you're illuminating a small passageway or a large commercial space.

Let's talk about the four main types – LED flat panel lights, troffers, recessed lighting and wafer lights. We'll show you what each type of lighting does and the benefits of each. Once you've determined the best drop ceiling lights for your needs, Warehouse-Lighting.com can help you with all the lighting solutions you need.

Featured Lights For Drop Ceilings

Slim and sleek, an LED flat panel light is ideal when space is limited. You can get a drop ceiling lighting panel in one of three sizes: 1x4 (1-foot by 4-foot), 2x2 (2-foot by 2-foot) or 2x4 (2-foot by 4-foot). The varying sizes enable you to find the ideal lighting solution whatever the configuration of your ceiling grids and T-bars may be.

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Top Troffer Drop Ceiling Lights

Troffer LED drop ceiling lights are similar to flat panels, the main difference being that troffer lights sit above the ceiling panels. You can surface-mount troffer lights or, if you're going for a traditional/industrial look, troffer lights are suitable for hanging.

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Best Recessed Lighting

For smaller spaces where lighting needs to be more precisely placed, recessed lighting is the way to go. This type of lighting fixture is installed in your ceiling at regularly spaced intervals to create ambient light patterns, focusing the light downward. If you need a broad floodlight or narrow spotlights, recessed lights are a great choice.

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Best Wafer Lights

Available in various sizes and shapes, wafer lights are thin, low-profile fixtures ideal for placement in new or retrofit locations. Wafer lighting is a modern ceiling design fixture, made possible in part by the development of white LEDs.

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Why the Best Drop Ceiling Lighting Solutions Begin With LEDs

LED bulbs for drop ceiling light fixtures have come a long way. Although the initial cost is higher, the long-term benefits more than make up for it. Here are some of the main benefits of LED drop ceiling lights vs. other types of fixtures:

  • Superior color temperature, rendering and lumen output
  • More balanced foot candle in the downlight
  • Most drop ceiling lights are dimmable
  • Much longer lifespan, meaning less maintenance
  • Energy efficient to save you money in the long run

Find the Best Drop Ceiling Lights at Warehouse-Lighting.com

From troffers to recessed lights, you'll find the best drop ceiling lighting right here. Whatever type of commercial or residential space you're trying to illuminate, be assured that Warehouse-Lighting.com is your best source for all the indoor and outdoor LED lighting you require. Get in touch with our customer service rep to help you plan the most effective and efficient layout to light your space.

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