Safety is a major concern in parking lots. As the building owner (or contractor), it's your responsibility to ensure that people can safely navigate your space. One of the ways to ensure your parking lot is as safe as it can be is by providing superior lighting. Finding the best LED parking lot lights for the job requires a certain amount of know-how and experience, and we'd like to help.

We've done the legwork by reviewing the best parking lot lights. Included are tips and tricks on choosing the right lighting for your property and the advantages of LED over other types of parking lot lights. Once you've reviewed all your options, we'll discuss how can provide you with all the LED parking lot lighting fixtures you need.

Best Flood Lights for Parking Lot Fixtures

Shoebox floodlight parking lot fixtures are mounted on poles and provide ideal illumination for parking lots, streets and highways.

Shoebox Floodlights

PRODUCT NAME WATTS Lumens Dimmable ? Brand Warranty
Shoebox Floodlight 400 50,964 Yes WareLight 5 Years
Quasar Shoebox Floodlight 300 40,800 Yes WareLight 5 Years
Quasar Shoebox Floodlight 150 19,400 Yes WareLight 5 Years
Quasar Shoebox Floodlight 100 12,500 Yes WareLight 5 Years
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Best Cobra Head LED Parking Lot Lights

Cobra head lights are another option for your parking lot.

Cobra Head Parking Lot Lights:

PRODUCT NAME WATTS Lumens Dimmable ? Brand Warranty
Cobra Head Roadway Light 200 27,000 No Westgate 7 Years
Cobra Head Street Light 150 22,500 Yes WareLight 5 Years
Cobra Head Roadway Light 150 19,800 Yes WareLight 5 Years
Cobra Head Street/Roadway Light 150 19,800 Yes Westgate 5 Years
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Best Outdoor Post Lights/Architectural Area Light Fixtures

When you want to light smaller parking areas, decorative LED architectural area parking lot lights are the way to go.

Architectural Parking Lot Lights:

PRODUCT NAME WATTS Lumens Brand Warranty
Post Top Light 150 16,200 WareLight 5 Years
Post Top Light 90 10,200 WareLight 5 Years
Large Round Post Top 176 16,405 WareLight 5 Years
DualArm Square Post 140 16,392-17955* WareLight 5 Years

*Based on distribution type

Outdoor Wall-Mounted Light Fixtures

To ensure the safe movement of employees and visitors as they approach or leave your parking facility, you'll need to install outdoor wall lights.

Wall Lights Fixtures:

PRODUCT NAME WATTS Lumens Brand Warranty
LED Wall Pack 120 15,400 WareLight 5 Years
LED Wall Pack 60 8,800 WareLight 5 Years
LED Wall Pack 65 7,300 WareLight 5 Years
LED Wall Pack 45 5,700 WareLight 5 Years
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LED Shoebox Light Fixture Tips & Tricks

To choose the best shoebox LED parking lot light fixtures for your space, consider the size of the coverage area and the height of the poles on which the light fixtures are being posted. Use the following information as a guide:

  • Light Uniformity: This measurement indicates the parking lot lighting fixture's ability to light up an area with a consistent brightness level. The recommended uniformity ratio is about 3:1.
  • Number of Fixtures: You should have two shoebox parking lot lights per pole, although you may use up to four if additional illumination is required.
  • Spacing: The higher you place your fixture, the larger your fixture and the farther apart your parking lot lights should be. However, if you're in an area that experiences strong winds, you'll need to consider this when planning your strategy. Here are a few basic guidelines for pole placement:
    • 15-20 Ft. Pole: Space the poles 20-30 feet apart and use 12,000-18,000 lumen fixtures.
    • 20-25 Ft. Pole: Space the poles 30-40 feet apart and use 20,000-30,000 lumen fixtures.
    • 25-35 Ft. Pole: Space the poles 40-50 feet apart and use 30,000-70,000 lumen fixtures.
  • Municipal Restrictions: It's crucial to verify that your parking lot lights comply with all local code requirements. Based on your local jurisdiction, you may need to reconsider the height and brightness of your parking lot light fixtures. You may also find that you're required to dim your parking lot lights at the close of business.

Why the Best Parking Lot Lights Are LEDs

Sometimes the path of least resistance is not the best route to take. For example, you have old-style fixtures in your parking lot. The easiest thing to do is simply replace the bulb. Why bother changing to an LED fixture? There are several reasons why you should make the switch to light-emitting diode (LED) parking lot lights:

  • Cost-Effective: By spending a little more now on LED parking lot retrofits, you'll save money in the long run. LED lights typically last up to 100,000 hours, so it will be anywhere from 5 to 25 years before you need to change a light bulb. (So you're saving on maintenance costs, too.)
  • Energy Efficient: LED lights are 70% more energy-efficient than their predecessors. A 300-watt LED bulb does what a 1,000-watt bulb used to do.
  • Better Illumination: LED lights deliver lighting solutions that are more evenly distributed with low THD. This safer form of lighting is easier on workers' eyesight.
  • Safer: Better lighting from LED parking lot lights provides a safer experience for everyone who accesses your property.

Shop for the Best LED Parking Lot Lights

At, you can choose from various options to get the best LED parking lot lights to illuminate your property. We have several customizable options, including wattage, lumens, voltage and dimensions, to ensure you'll find the perfect solution for your needs. Whether you're starting from scratch or upgrading outdated fixtures, we have the hardware that will help you complete the job. Our staff of lighting experts will work with you to ensure all your lighting requirements have been met. Shop today!

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