The right lighting products will keep your buildings and outdoor spaces attractive, safe, and secure —and we have a wide variety of styles and special-application options to choose from.

Autumn sneaks up on most of us — and after a hot summer, the lower temperatures are a welcome change. But as the daylight starts to fade earlier and earlier in the day, the countdown to the switch from “Daylight Savings” to “Standard Time” brings us ever closer to a major loss of available daylight. Planning ahead and thinking in terms of an overall lighting design can help you ease this annual transition, and also make your lighting stand out. Your property will be significantly more attractive, and your customers, employees, or tenants will feel safer and more secure.  Read on to learn about a few “enlightening” options that will help you optimize your visibility and your energy investment, year after year.

Daylight to Standard Time Transition Products

The lighting options featured below are especially well-suited to efficiently rounding the corner from the summer to the longer nights of fall and winter.  They’re all durable, water-resistant, high-quality products, available with a wide range of illumination intensities and saturations, so you can get exactly the look you’re after. You’ll also be able to weather the elements, so you can light the way for years to come.

LED Wall Pack Lights

These LED lights are outstanding for high-demand commercial and security lighting needs — anywhere that light is needed for long durations. As daylight wanes, this becomes an increasingly common situation! They’re also ideal for building perimeters where control of spill light is important. Yes, your building-neighbors will thank you. Made of die cast aluminum, they can also handle the punishment every season and climate dishes out.  If you’re dealing with a rugged weather environment or extreme conditions, and you need powerful, quality lighting that lasts and lasts, make sure you consider these.

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Parking Lot and Flood Lights 

Of course, Flood and Parking Lot lighting helps to keep your customers and property as safe and secure as possible. They also make your location stand out: assuring customers that you’re either 1) open or 2) keeping a watchful eye. That’s a perfect combination: attractive to customers, unattractive for thieves and vandals. Our Parking and Flood Light packages also greatly improve the safety of walkways and paths. Designed to withstand everything Mother Nature can throw at you, our LED power through moisture, debris, and other hazards to continuously provide exceptional visibility for your team, your customers, and passers-by — every day. 

Dusk to Dawn Lighting 


These fixtures don’t “spring forward” or “fall back” but they always know when to turn on and off. Dusk to Dawn products sense sunlight and switch on and off based on the seasons’ constantly-shifting schedules. The added bonus is consistent savings on your energy bill. They’re designed for outdoor use, so they feature durable, water- and debris- resistant construction. They function reliably for years, through the long-light summers as well the cooler seasons.

Mini LED Wall Packs


LED technology makes the Mini Wall Pack lights do their magic. They enable powerful lighting that is just right for your smaller spaces. These tighter venues have to be addressed to make your “daylight saving” lighting scheme complete. Use this option for doorways, pathways, or wherever you need to make important structures or information more visible and clearer. These play a great complimentary role, and they’re essential for any tighter space that needs some special handling.

Canopy Lights 


Canopies are perfect for structured spaces in both commercial and professional settings, such as bus depots, gas stations, parking lot structures, and more. The exceptional efficiency and lumens from our LED solutions make these options a great energy-investment as well. Choose from specialty products for specific garage or parking lot applications. Built to withstand the outdoors, and dependable for high traffic, high use areas, canopy lights can keep structures and buildings safe and secure for all users.

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Keep The Lights On: Order Lighting Solutions to Combat Shorter Days

The cooler and shorter days give us an early warning that much shorter days lie ahead — especially once we fall back from Daylight Savings to Standard Time! Late summer is a great time to get a head start on preparing for all the big lighting changes and challenges to come. Shop the solutions we’ve recommended to make that annual transition as smooth as can be, year after year. LED Wall Pack Lights give you lots of power for long durations; Mini LED Wall Pack lights provide illumination in tighter spaces; Parking Lot and Flood lights provide safety, security, and make your property stand out. Finally, you’ll see great energy-efficiency from our Dusk To Dawn and Canopy Lighting options. Don’t delay: get your lighting plans for the shorter days underway today.