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Safety Coated Shatterproof Light Bulbs 

Safety coated lamps create lighting fixtures that enable precaution and prevention of any injury occurrence due to negligence in cleaning glass after a breakage by accident. By using shatterproof light bulbs for your illumination, you can be sure you get the same great lighting you expect without the hazard of broken glass. This makes them perfect for hazardous areas where they will be exposed to a large risk of damage, as they will allow you to work without worry. We have a large selection of options that will help you provide extra durability to your fixtures. Let us help you get the durable lighting you need!

These lamps are available in an array of multiple shapes, sizes, and other customizable components. Traditional metal halide bulbs combine with T8 and T5HO bulbs to provide a solution for pretty much any location. From retail to food processing to gymnasiums and other commercial applications, no area is too tough for these bulbs. Shatterproof light bulbs are often required for commercial areas to minimize the risk of glass contamination and improve public safety, but they are fantastic for many purposes. Any location that has a high risk of causing damage to your light fixtures can be equipped with these bulbs to minimize the damage.

While they emphasize safety, it does not mean they lag in functionality from their non-safety coated counterparts. These lamps are treated with a Teflon coating on their external surface, which makes them durable and anti-puncture. Even in times of accident, they hold the fragments of glass to avoid spillage of its components to prevent further harm. Any area that is frequently exposed to changing weather conditions or high traffic situations could benefit from using this type of lighting fixtures.

Capable of being dropped from up to forty feet without shattering, shatterproof light bulbs give you a lot of extra safety and prevent the strenuous task of cleaning up tiny shards of glass in the event of an accident. Best of all, they are easy to keep clean, and a simple wipe down to keep them shining at their best will not harm the protective coating. This makes them easy to use, giving you the reliability you want without any hassle.